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Q: I love your passion and the beauty you bring to the world! Thank you so
much! I was wondering where you find most of your quotes or how you come
up with your inspiring sayings that you include in your art? – Alesha

Somewhere in this blog space, around early 2006 I wrote a post about how coming up with phrases for my paintings was a slight obsession for me. I couldn’t find that old post, but the truth remains the same today. I am always thinking of words, or how to put words together into meaningful phrases. I think about them in the car, in the shower, while I fall asleep. Although I never use direct quotes from other people in my works, I’m certainly inspired by quotable people, things, music. I like to pay attention to the things that grab or tug onto my heart – usually a conversation with a friend, or a song lyric, or a dialogue on a TV show – anything that inspires and makes me take a closer look at my life. I also often (mostly) look to my own life, the themes that are coming up for me, and pull inspiration from my specific journey.

So yes, the phrases on my paintings come from a real place of loving words, and how they relate and inspire themes that are happening in my life at any given moment.

slow down   

Often they are words I’m telling myself in a moment of surrender.
dear world

Or they’re a love note that comes from a gratitude pocket in my heart.

be present


Or they’re reminders of what I’d like to remember in the everydays of my own life.

So yes, I’d say they come from conversations I’m having with myself, as well as being inspired by conversations I’m having with friends, by music lyrics, by books I’m reading, by people I’m inspired by and on and on. Inspiration is all around.

XO, Kelly Rae

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