22 months.

Aug 15, 2012 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress

Love these boys so much.

22 months. Counting. Talking in 3 word sentences. Repeats everything we say. Into everything. VIGOROUS. Hugging and kissing everything. Dances and especially loves reggae. Bossy in the most endearing of ways. Still sleeping from 6pm – 7am and napping midday (we are lucky). Still loves his books. Still quite social – says hello to all and stares at the older kids, studying their every move. Definitely getting the developmental defiance that I hear will be coming in full force pretty soon but pretty laid back overall and easily redirectable. It’s a rare day when he’s feisty (so far).


I just love him.

I love being his mama.

I love having no idea what to do but making choices that feel fun and balanced.


I love making green smoothies for him that he loves.

I love reading to him at night and his rubbing my nose with his and giggling and then falling asleep.

I love his random but very enthusiastic hugs to my legs that come throughout the day.


I love how he loves to watch videos of himself doing anything on the iPhone.

I love how eager he is to learn.

I love that he still loves to be carried in the ergo.

I love how hilarious he thinks we are.

I love how boyish he is with his fascination with diggers and garbage trucks and construction sites.

He claps like this when he sees himself in the iPhone #toddlersareadorable 
Total heaven. Still feels like the best childhood Christmas Morning whenever I enter his room in the mornings. Total delight. Total joy.

Sending much love,

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  1. June Maddox

    Kelly, I have three boys, two in College and one a sophomore. I have a daycare called Creative Kids they grew up in. I can tell you first hand that all that creative exposure is one of the most important gifts you will ever give him. My oldest boys both graduated at the top of their classes. I credit their exposure to both right and left brain activities in the early years. It makes all the difference. I was like that about my boys, everything was a moment to savor. Enjoy all your moments. June

  2. Kelly Anne

    First of all, thank you for so generously sharing your inspiring life. It has changed me. Secondly, keep the green smoothies coming! Most children gag on that stuff so it's wonderful you are starting so early, in your son's life, developing a taste for greens.

  3. Carol Ann

    How much can a mother love their child? Your description answered the question!!!

  4. Anna Scott

    What an utterly delightful way to begin my day. He is georgeous and remind me so much of my eldest – now 22 -ahh those were the days. Thank you for sharing x

  5. Michelle Jones

    I love how you love him. He's darling.

  6. Shahrul Niza

    oh bliss!!. true is simply amazing, you're a great mom. love to read sweet posts about growing true :). precious.

  7. Denise

    Your description of him sounds JUST like my William (21 months old).

    I bet they would be the best of friends if we lived on the same coast. 🙂

  8. Brittney

    This is so sweet! He looks just like my little nephew Wyatt! These pictures make me smile 🙂

  9. pstrong

    He is a little mini John. So cute. I hear him asking for a sibling. ;);)

  10. Kathy

    So precious! Children are such a gift and I love the you are embracing it, like "Christmas morning." So true!

  11. Alice

    What a sweet blog post. Your kid seems to be fun to be around. I love his big smile on the pictures.


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