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Apr 25, 2006 | Life in Progress

some silliness:

1. when we moved to portland almost 7 years ago, i worked very hard to erase any sign of The South from my accent. I stopped saying “ya’ll” only to wish now that i had kept it all these years. i’m working on getting it back.

2. my tidy gemini self likes the house neat & clean while my rebellious gemini self enjoys a really messy car. and i consider myself lucky to use the “i have 2 personalities” excuse, because it’s true.

3. i’ve been addicted to Coke (the cola) for 10 years – ever since i had it in Mexico.

4. i have communicated with a deceased loved one. it was completely unexpected and i was a tearful mess for a few days, but also incredibly honored and thankful. now, i try to pay closer attention.

5. i have a terrible memory, which is why i take a lot of photos. they become my memories.

5. i’m in a major Indigo Girl phase right now. i like singing every lyric to every single one of their tunes. they remind me of my junior & highschool years. and that feels like home.

6. i used to Live in my beloved, old, comfy, worn-out, overalls. and i wonder if i’ll ever be able to find another pair.

7. it’s uncanny how often i win raffles and random contests.

8. i am just a wee over 5’2″. i love it.

9. in the eighties, i had that haircut where one side of your hair was dramatically shorter than the other side. and i was in love with Punky Brewster and Madonna. my school sent me home on the first day of 6th grade because i was dressed too “radically” for their private institution. i guess i was a public schoolgirl at heart. i had jelly bracelets up the arms, one pink converse paired with one purple converse, a shirt falling off the shoulder (my Flashdance influence), and different colored tights on each leg. needless to say, it was a very rough year for me. after that first day, i had to wear collared shirts almost every day – even under tshirts!

10. the first time i ever french-kissed a boy, i told him it was gross and that it felt like there was a jellyfish inside of my mouth. it didn’t go over very well. i was almost 15 years old.

bonus: i have very, very vivid dreams. mainly good ones now, but i suffered for years & years from terrible recurring nightmares. just in the last few years have they subsided as i’ve grown into myself and out of my issues.

Sending much love,

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  2. kelly

    i love this post! what a fun list.
    i am with you on the dreams…me too!

    happy wednesday!

  3. Dana

    Could you elaborate on #4?

  4. megg

    I really enjoyed this list! I nodded enthusiastically several times, but mostly about the Indigo Girls – I am LOVING them right now too!!

  5. andrea

    LOVED, LOVED reading this. What an amazing, silly, fun woman you are. Great list.
    P.S I have overall backups.

  6. Anonymous

    Too funny– Indigo Girls must be in the air waves cause I listened to them the whole drive home from Boston on Sunday and it fed the soul. Some of their lyrics are just pure genius.


  7. Teresa

    This was really cool to read Kelly, and brave of you to be sooo honest. My husband is a gemini so i completely get that. He is the same way. Kudos to all of us who are 5’2″!!! Have fun watching idol tongiht!

  8. M

    I love these!! I love learning more about other people. The bonus one is hilarious!

  9. previouscrichton

    Hi Kelly – we graduated from SCPHS together but I am not sure you remember me… (I’m p/k/a Lori Crichton.) Anyhoo, I can’t remember how I initially came across your blog but I wanted you to know that every time I read it, I am amazed by how positive and grounded you are. Congrats to you and your husband on the new endeavors, too…


  10. Clare Jane

    I was just playing the Indigo Girls on Sunday afternoon! Something in me just had to listen to them and yes, I sang along to every song except “Love’s Recovery” which I think is sentimental crap.

  11. britt

    what a cool post! i am happy to learn more about you. what is bizarre is that i heard “closer to fine” on the radio last week, and had to pull out my indigo girls cds – and i have been hooked ever since too. more synchronicity! their music is SOOO great for singing.

  12. Laini Taylor

    Kelly, that IS synchronicity. How funny! I loved reading these. I felt EXACTLY the same way about my first kiss. I actually sort of slithered away from him mid-kiss I was so grossed-out. We didn’t really speak the same language so I’d have had a hard time explaining that his mouth was like a jellyfish, but that was the sentiment!


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