3.5 months old – baby true photos!

Jan 17, 2011 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress


i’m back from the atlanta gift show where all the new product in the kelly rae roberts collection (with demdaco) debuted. it was awesome. i have lots of photos coming up soon but while i get my bearings, i wanted to share a few recent photos of baby true and what he’s been up to.


true is 3.5 months old, weighs about 14lbs. he’s so achingly beautiful to me that sometimes it’s hard to believe that we made him! his eyes are a clear blue, just like john’s. in fact, he’s a mini john with a bit of me in there but he’s got john’s head shape and skin/hair coloring and body. it’s really cute. he loves kicking his legs all day long and has recently figured out how to roll from tummy to back which means that he doesn’t get a lot of tummy time anymore! loves rolling…



he is super duper smiley. smiles all day long. if you talk to him, he smiles. sing to him, he smiles. if you touch his face or belly or feet, he smiles. if i leave him alone in his swing or bouncy seat, he’ll talk to himself and smile. it’s really cute to look across the room and watch him watching things and smiling at them. soooo sweet. he loves to be held and he’s all about assisted standing, but he’s not really into carriers these days. he practically lived in the sling those first couple of months but now he wants the freedom to move his arms, kick his legs so we’re working on different carriers to see which ones he likes.


he’s so completely different than he was those first 6 weeks when he was uncomfortable from the reflux. these days he is mr. chill – again, just like his papa. almost never cries. he definitely fusses when he’s hungry or tired, but he’s super responsive to soothing, naps, and food. he’s an easy baby if we make sure he gets his sleep. right now he won’t sleep anywhere except in his room which means he’s not very portable and we are always home for his naps. but i’m so grateful that when we put him down to sleep, that he falls asleep pretty easily.



he’s totally in love with his hands. they are pretty much always in his mouth. recently he figured out how to hold things and whatever it is he’s holding, it goes straight into his mouth. he loves standing in front of the mirror and checking himself out. he stomps his feet and gets all fired up. so fun! he also loves looking at the art on the walls, book illustrations, and the mobiles. and people. he loves looking at people.


we’ve been doing a bedtime routine for the last several weeks that involve a bath every nite. he loves loves bath time. he kicks and laughs and generally enjoys making a ruckus in the warm water. i think it might be his favorite part of the day. he doesn’t mind when water runs down his face or anything. totally chilled out.


after bath, he chills out in his crib for a bit before one last big feeding and then bedtime. he’s a great sleeper – sleeps from about 7ish – 8ish and gets up twice during the nite for quick feedings. this past week we had a couple of nites where he only woke up once for a feeding (omg!). he’s taking his naps throughout the day. we’ve definitely learned that a well rested baby true makes for a super happy baby true.

it’s hard to think back to those first couple of months when things felt (and were) so hard. we are so grateful that his reflux has responded so perfectly to medication and that he’s a chilled out happy baby. we are learning to pick our battles and not be too rigid when it comes to a myriad of things and just try to go with the flow and pick up is cues. my favorite part of the day? waking up because i know he’s going to be full of smiles and i can barely wait to see them…

Sending much love,

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