Dearest friends,

Big BIG news over here……

After 20 years in Portland, Oregon (give or take a year or two when we left for John’s grad school, or when we lived in Seattle for a year [after John’s grad school], we have decided to move to a teeny little town in Central Oregon called…..wait for it….Sisters.

It’s been on John’s dream list to move to a small town surrounded by mountains and forests and rivers, but I’ve resisted it for years and years and years. Earlier this year, however, my intuition told me it was time. And since making room in my heart for this possibility, it seems The Universe has made all the details fall in place with ease.

(the day we left FL to move to Portland, OR 20 years ago)

We moved to Portland when we were 24 and 25 and now, all of these years later, we’re ready for the next adventure. We’ll also ready for more sun (will NOT miss the Portland rainy winters), and a much much slower life.

And you wanna know the coolest things? Sisters is named after three mountains that adorn the views of the town. The mountains (known as The Three Sisters) are named Faith, Hope, and Charity. Can you believe it? I love, love, love that we will be moving to a place where we will be surrounded by Faith, Hope, and Charity.

We are building a house in Sisters, something a bit more farmhouse/cottage/mountain vibe all in one. I’m crazy excited to be working with a builder so that we can have lots of say about all the fun decisions (tile, floors, lights, colors, etc etc). I will be Pinning a ton of new images to my boards and I’ll share the build process here on the blog with you. It’s a smaller home and we’re looking forward to scaling way back not just our home and belongings but the pace of our lives. We’re craving a slower life with more time and space to be outside.

True is thrilled. I was his age (he’s 7) when we lived in a tiny rural town and those years hold some of my fondest memories. I’m excited for him and all that is waiting for him to explore.

John is over the freaking moon. He’s never been a city person (he moved to Portland sight unseen to be with me!). Also, as a stay at home papa for the last 5 years, he’s ready to launch some of ideas that he’s been sitting on for many, many years. John is, at heart, an outdoorsman. He’s a fly fisherman, a mountain climber, a backcountry snowboarder, a backpacker, a paddleboarder, and more. This move is his dream come true and I’m so very excited for him.

I am also over the moon. Sisters has a thriving arts community (they are known for it) and a super strong women entrepreneur presence. I honestly cannot wait to dive into the community and be a part of it all. So many artists. So many cowgirls. Cowboys. Adventurers. Entrepreneurs. OMG! I will most definitely be leading retreats in this gorgeous place of beauty.

My parents will be making the move with us. I cannot express how grateful our hearts are that they are willing and excited to come with us. My mom is crazy excited about the fabric community in Sisters (they have the worlds largest quilt show each year) and my dad is excited about all the golf in the area. True retirement awaits 🙂

I am not one bit sad to leave Portland, which is how I know it’s time to go. I will miss my friends, but our new home is a quick and beautiful drive away.

So that’s the news, friends. Please keep us in your thoughts as we begin a huge, new adventure. I will be sharing the progress here on the blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned!

Here’s to living our dreams into Real. Feeling really lucky! 

PS: We are having a gigantic moving sale in a few days. If you’re interested, please stay tuned to my Instagram where I’ll be sharing all the details.

Click here if you’re interested in reading the full story of our move.


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