A growing True!

Nov 7, 2012 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress



He was the most adorable baby. And he cracked my heart and life open. Wide open. Nothing has been the same since he blessed us with his life….we are incredibly fortunate.




Sometimes. Sometimes I can’t believe I get to be his mom. That I get the privilege. The honor. My heart nearly bursts with tenderness and sweetness at any given moment.

We celebrated True’s second birthday recently and I just can’t believe how quickly this is all happening. It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating his birth, his first year milestones, his second year milestones.




And now he is two. A full blown toddler. A happy, sweet natured little boy who loves to talk and sing and explore and say things like “pretty mama.” He is all about loving on us with his hugs and kisses and we’re all about loving on him with snuggles and fun and games and everyday adventures. He’s mellow like John. And into everything. Runs full speed down the sidewalk, scooters full speed down the sidewalk, talks on the phone with his friends, makes art, plays his guitar and on and and on. His joy is contagious.

He is ours. And that seems impossibly too good to be true.

Sending much love,

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  1. Fabbio Joe

    Lindos seus bebês!
    Adorei seu blog!
    Abraços do Brasil

  2. curlygirlpress

    Oh he's becoming such a handsome little man! LOVE that flyaway hair. My little man is 14 weeks old now and like you, I can't believe how blessed I am to have him, and how quickly this time is flying.

  3. sheilatrowbridge

    adorable! squishy! now you know why my momma had 8, she couldn't get enough! treasure these moments, i miss my toddlers all the time and they are right here in front of me as a 12 and 15 year old…it is like they turn into a different being each step of the way and they don't even know it.

  4. Susan Seale

    Oh my…true-ly adorable:) What a beautiful post.

  5. selin

    he is beatiful …:))

  6. selin

    sevgili kelly rae ,çok ama çok tatlı gülümsemeside ..:))

  7. Linda

    He is a beautiful little boy. Enjoy him! They grow up way too fast. My boy is now 14… almost a man and I can remember when he was just like True.

  8. Charis

    Wow.. you are truly blessed.

  9. Elma

    OH my word that third picture is just the cutest ever!!! He is a Blessing!!

  10. Jules Dolly

    Unfortuanately I haven't been blessed with children, time is on the wrong side for me. Looking at photos of True, just make my heart take a deep sigh and smile. What sweet eyes, what lovely locks and what great parents. enjoy 2 xx

  11. Susie

    LOVED this sweet sharing. True is totally adorable. My 2 DD's are all grown up, one began college this year and I keep thinking about all those moments so long along, how sweet they smelled when they were newborns, the whole of my heart that I love them with and every moment between now and then. Keep him as close as you can the next few years, Kelly it's the tug and pull of motherhood on your heart. It's amazing how much love overflows from a wee one. He is your greatest, most amazing work of art.

  12. Gina

    Stunning, stunning little boy.

  13. cathy raissiguier

    bravo à cette petite famille et au travail artistique de la maman

  14. eis4em

    He looks just like you Kelly. He's so adorable.

  15. Suzanne Drolet

    Ooops…LIKE a ray of light…haha

  16. Suzanne Drolet

    Kelly Rae…you are light a ray of light in my morning when I get to read your blog! True is so blessed to have such loving parents. What a special little boy!

  17. Miranda

    He is SO adorable! And I really want an elephant hat like that… 🙂

  18. Carolyn Phillips

    Oh what a sweet boy and a lovely set of photographs.

  19. Shahrul Niza

    Oh heavens bless him! He gets so big now and so sweet to call you pretty mamma!. Enjoy this moment :).

  20. Marit

    What a gorgeous little boy you have! Makes me smile, thinking back of my son when he was that age… the fun, the questions, the babbling (is that a good English word? Hm… I'm from the Netherlands you see…) Anyway: enjoy, enjoy!


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