a little quiet

Mar 2, 2007 | Life in Progress

i’m feeling a little quiet in blogworld lately. i think i’ve had this little blog of mine for well over a year now? man. i would have never imagined what it would give to me: more confidence. and some damn good real-life friends. i really do wish everyone i knew had one of these. it’s fun, isn’t it?

i’m so excited to have one of my favorite people (lisa from portland) come visit me tomorrow. she’s never been to san fran, so we’ll be spending the weekend exploring and chatting and taking photos and staying warm. did i mention that after our weekend of flip-flop and sandals it got crazy cold and rainy? go figure.

i am feeling nervous lately. in a good way. i’ve got a lot going on right now, but don’t we all? it seems that i’ve had one good thing/project after another since last summer. it hasn’t really slowed down. i am grateful for it, but i’m feeling a period of rest coming on. john and i will be heading to the oregon coast for an entire week in april. i’m looking forward to the break. fireplace fires. walks on the beach with our dog. reading books. spending time with our oregon crew. until then, i’m happily engaged and connected to the next good thing: artfest.

Sending much love,

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  1. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    That all sounds great, Kelly! I wish I could go to artfest. I’m going to button up on my illos and take it next year. Hey, are you planning on going to SCBWI this summer? Let’s talk, girl!

  2. Literary bohemian

    What fun! I loove exploring San Fran! I’m going to be there this weekend too. It’s my Birthday on Sunday so I’m treating myself to the newest Modern Art Museum exhibit: Picasso and American Artists. I’m super excited about it. San Fran has creative energy buzzing in the streets. Inspiration lurks around every corner. I hope you and Lisa have a great time!

    p.s. There is a beautifull beach on the Oregon Coat you may want to check out when you make it up here- it’s called Whaleshead Beach. Its about fifty miles or so north of the Cali/OR border.

  3. teresa sheeley

    I started my blog almost a year ago and yours was one of the first I connected with. I have enjoyed watching you evolve into the wonderful artist you are.

    We are also going to the Oregon Coast, actually the 1st week in April. I am extremely excited!


  4. Frida World

    Times of quiet, of retreat and restoration are so important. The coast of Oregon seems a wonderful place to do that – I went for the first time last year and felt at home, it was as rich and raw and wild as parts of New Zealand. Your retreat seems to be coming at the right time. Enjoy the anticipation.


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