holy crap!

Mar 2, 2007 | Life in Progress

we just had the shakiest earthquake since we’ve lived here. scary stuff, people! all the dogs in the building are barking, including bella.

Sending much love,

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  1. christina

    Oh that’s sucky…I grew up in Santa Rosa… and you get used to them. I was in the 89 earthquake. That was big. You start habitually checking out precarious shelves and finding solid doorways, but if you get the hang of that, you’ll be okay. Usually they aren’t so bad, just momentous. The EARTH moves. How can it not be?

  2. daffa

    hi kelly rae,

    i’ve been really enjoying reading your blog lately. and i love your beautiful pictures and photos! i was wondering if you would mind if i put a link to you in my sidebar, so i can get to you more easily when i decide to enter bloggy world. you can let me know with a comment here, or on my blog, a peek inside the bubble,(daffado.blogspot.com).

    i hope everything has calmed down after your shaky quake

  3. Literary bohemian

    Fun! I know, it’s weird that I think Earthquakes are fun but i do. All that amazing Earth Mamma energy on the move just gets me jazzed up! It jazzed up the doggies too huh?

  4. Frida World

    Yikes, we used to get the shakes back home when I lived in the shakiest city on the shakiest of two shaky isles. It certainly reminds you that what looks solid is not always quite so solid afterall. Hope you all are safe and sound and that your Bella calms.


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