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Oct 19, 2018 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

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I lost hundreds of followers on Instagram + Facebook after sharing my story and support for fellow sexual assault survivor Dr. Ford. It’s 100% okay to disagree and unfollow (I do not measure my worth or success by how many followers I have). What’s not okay are the many comments I received suggesting that I “shut up and just post about art and “disappointed you are not making your page a happy place.” It’s equivalent to telling someone that it’s only okay to express their joy, but it’s not okay to be angry/sad/confused, and if they do, you’ll be disappointed. I consider this abusive, harmful engagement.

I thought I would take this opportunity to respond, set some clear boundaries about what is and is not okay, what to expect from my social media pages, and lovingly invite you to unfollow me if we’re not a good match.

My art business meets and serves women at the intersection of creativity, personal growth, healing, and creative business. The woman behind this business and the creator of this art is me – a living breathing person, a social worker (MSW), a mother, a survivor, a thriver, a Possibilitarian.

Embracing the creative life 13 years ago and making meaningful art gave me a way to share my stories, embrace my vulnerabilities as strength, and ultimately to heal. I never expected my art to catch like wildfire and spread across the globe. I am grateful for the support of my art, and even more for the real connections it creates and validates for many of our shared stories.

My books, my art, my writing, my courses – all of which is informed by my LIFE – is about celebrating the many dimensions that we hold as human beings. We can be tender yet fierce, courageous yet scared, brave in sadness yet brave in love – all of it inside the holy mess of our lives. It’s also about encouraging women to listen to what is calling them, tell their stories, and to use their creativity, soul care, and businesses as tools in which to receive their higher guidance and lessons in life.

This is sacred work to me. And I cannot do any of it without doing it myself – showing up real, in integrity, in MY truth – in my life, and in my social media.


If you are looking only for art from me, I lovingly invite you to unfollow me.

For those of you one the fence, this is what you can expect to find on my social media: meaningful art + the personal stories behind it , art in process, art + spirituality, art + healing. You will also find stories of my life in progress, including mothering, partnering, wellness, and self-care. You will hear my stories of creative entrepreneurship and what that looks like as I balance hustle + alignment and encourage others to do the same. And yes, you will find an occasional opinion about something I feel strongly about, usually advocating for our most vulnerable in the world.

If none of that is in your flow, I lovingly invite you to unfollow me.

XO, Kelly Rae

PS: For those of you are struggling with the ongoing media coverage, I want to encourage you to take exquisite care of yourself so that you can stay grounded in the truth of your center and also so that you have the strength to continue being a pioneer in change. I believe you.

Sending much love,

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  1. Mary

    They weren’t your people.♡ I guess you could say it was a bit of spiritual house cleaning and that feels so good. As nurturers,we can’t hold onto everyone at the cost of not being fully who we are. The weight of that is bondage.
    Sending your beautiful spirit love, peace and joy.♡♡♡

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      That’s it exactly, Mary 🙂

  2. Victoria Ozanich

    Add me as one of your biggest fans, Kelly Rae! Your art, your beliefs, your teachings, your family values, the list goes on and on. I believe that being around those that love one another is the best way to live. Know that I am one of those people.

    Continue on your path. I love reading about your growth, which in turn helps mine. You are a true life teacher.

    Thank you for being YOU!


    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you, Victoria. That means a lot to me. Let’s keep being brave, together.

  3. Lori McCully

    Kelly, in my humble, free speech kinda way, I applaud you, your art, and really, more than anything, I appreciate and applaud your voice. You are an amazing example of humility and graciousness. Thank you so much. Me too by the way. ♥️🦋♥️

  4. Elsie

    You are our positive healing pied piper who encourages us to wear our joy, paint our joy, tell our joy…..even when our joy emerges as a result of healing trauma, old buried shame and past. I will follow you and encourage other women to tell their story. Fear is what keeps us silent and we will no longer allow fear to rule. If telling our stories, if speaking up, ruffles other’s feathers, so be it! My soul greets yours just as we are!

  5. Kait

    Dear Brave Creative Out-Spoken Compassionate Caring Passionate Beautiful Teacher Mentor Mother Artist Kelly Rae,you,in a thousand ways, embody all that is encouraging, nourishing, healing, expanding,accepting,and celebrating of women. Speaking up, speaking out, holding sacred space for women is your calling. Your words fill the thousands of us who follow you with pride, reverence, and respect for the sacred work of creativity and compassion. Do not be daunted or derailed, do not be silenced or shunned! Do not lose heart–thousands of women take courage and are lifted up to the light by your work, your beliefs, and your life choices. We stand in legions WITH YOU, BESIDE YOU raising our tiny banners of hope and conscience, insisting on the right to speak our truths and share our stories. THANK YOU for your courage and grace. Thank you for you in this world! We are your tribe–we are your allies–we are your sisters in the struggle–WE ARE WITH YOU!

  6. Sara Wilda

    Dear Wonderful Lady,
    I stand with you in 100% support.

  7. Marcia Tate

    Hooray for you! Behind you 100%.

  8. Mari Carmen

    Hi, Kelly! I follow you since a long time ago. I like your work very much. I have bought one of your books and read every word you say in this blog with a great pleasure. So… I think you are a brave woman and a marvellous artist! ¡Eres fantástica!

    I send you a great hug from Madrid. Spain

    Mari Carmen


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