How I receive my highest guidance

Oct 18, 2018 | Life in Progress

(photo by In Her Image Photography)

In my business tribe, we’re spending Oct exploring how we sometimes have to create clearings – to burn things down – whether that is letting go of offerings or old ways of doing things (think spreading ourselves too thin, not charging what we’re worth, etc). As ya’ll know, I’ve been in this burn it down space for awhile. Controlled burns are hard decisions. It can feel scary, heated, and exhausting. Hard to breathe. And yet, when all the ash settles and the earth takes it into her ground, there it is: the expansiveness, the deep breaths, the sunshine + sky, the clearing, the s p a c e.

I can feel the ground of my clearing now. The soil is rich, more nutrient dense, and the new growth is slowly but surely working it’s way to the top of the soil. There is tons of work happening underground to nurture and bring forth the new growth.

One thing I’m super focusing on as I nurture all this new creation is exquisite self-care. Like it’s my day job self-care. Like my life depends on it self-care. Like I’m changing the cellular structure in my body self-care. Beyond bubble bath self-care. Meaningful self-care that involves daily ritual, intention, quick but potent visual meditations, affirmations, creativity, daily readings – you name it, I’m making time for it.

Because self-care and tuning in is how I receive my highest guidance. It’s how I know when to recalibrate or steady the ship, when to trust and when to let go. It serves not just my biz moves, but my creative moves, too. AND my parenting moves. I love knowing that I am showing up not only for myself, but for the sacred creative ideas that only come when space is made. I love knowing that I am showing up for my family, that they are seeing what self-care looks like beyond an occasional massage.

You with me? If so, I’m here to help. Come join The Self-Care Sanctuary. You will not regret it. I’m with you. Let’s do this together.

Sending much love,

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