Real life update: It’s been a whirlwind these last many weeks. And some of it has been really really hard, and much of it has been amazing.

In the last 7 weeks, John and I packed up our house, moved out, and put it on the market. We put everything in storage except for our clothes. We’re currently living at my parent’s house (we love it here!) while our new home in Sisters, Oregon is being built. My parents are saints for having ALL of us (Amelia and Lulu included).

Meanwhile, I’ve traveled to CA to teach two amazing retreats (one painting retreat, one creative biz retreat), traveled again for a long weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary (17 years!), True started the 2nd grade, John started a job, and most recently I attempted a cross-country flight to Florida for my nephew’s life celebration service only to be rerouted back to Oregon after 48 hours sitting in random airports, delayed flights, tarmacs, and one strange hotel in TX. (It was a horrible experience)

During these last 7 weeks or so I’ve suffered from exhausting vertigo (finally all cleared up), one nasty knee injury (still nursing it), a weird scalp infection that has caused my hair to fall out (don’t worry, I’m on it!). I somehow managed to fit in three photo shoots, the retirement of two of my beloved painting courses, and the launch of The Self-Care Sanctuary.

Deep breath.

Life feels, as you can imagine, not as grounded as I’d like. Through it all, I’ve shown up – though sometimes weary – for my creative practice every single week. It, along with my self-care practice, has been my lifeline in so many ways.

Now that things are calming down a bit, I’m turning my focus back to my wellness practice which has slipped considerably. I’m back to the gym this week, back to planning out green juices/smoothies and more.

For those of you in the thick of a full season, I’m sending much love. Be good to yourself, ok? 

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