Feb 8, 2007 | Life in Progress

all of the art that i’ve poured myself into these last several weeks has been carefully packed up, ready for the trip to LA. all of my various thoughts, emotions, excitement, hesitation, and one very cute dress have also been packed and are ready to go. what will it be like? will anybody come? will the other artists like me? so silly. i depart for the grand adventure tomorrow.

i had an aha moment, a signal of clarity last nite as i was driving across the bay bridge. i won’t go into detail, but i will say that it shook me into thoughts of ‘oh my god’ and ‘duh’ and ‘i can’t believe you are just now getting it’. i immediately called my friend liz elayne so we could discuss and dissect the moment, the meaning, and the lessons. our own little therapy session.

thank god for aha moments. man, i really needed this one. sometimes they are just small moments of enlightenment, and other times they are a swift kick in the booty. this one was the latter.

blessings to you all. thank you for walking this journey with me. i can’t wait to share the experience + photos when i return.

i’m in the mood for some linkage:

thank you Paulette for sending me not one, but two cell phones. one for now, and the other for when i lose the first one because lord knows, it’s bound to happen. i swear my brain turned on the i-have-no-idea-where-anything-is switch when i turned 30. i keep losing things! and i’m almost 32 now!

i bought this wonderful little zine from this fabulous talent, and i encourage everyone to get one while they can! i just think she is wonderfully inspiring.

i just discovered this blog! loving the creativity over there.

and you must check out liz elayne and dana’s new poetry thursday website here. it’s simply incredible.

this is the BEST candle i have ever bought in my entire life. i have the “volcano” scent, and oh my goodness. you can get these at anthropologie and they are worth every dollar. i have been lighting mine and carrying it around the house with me ever since i brought it home from christmas vacation.

Sending much love,

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  1. Boho Girl

    i’ll see you in a few hours.

    so PROUD of you, girly.


  2. ceanandjen

    I am so excited for you!!!! There is no doubt in my mind that people are going to adore your work…I just got my two prints framed, and they will be hung right here in my office space for contant happiness and inspiration.

    Have a wonderful time!!!!

  3. la vie en rose

    it will be fabulous and tons of people will come and everyone will love you…i know it!!!

  4. Alexandra S

    Good luck Saturday!! I will be thinking of you!! Also can you email me your mailing address asap at leapbrightly@yahoo.com Thanks K!


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