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Feb 13, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress, My Creative Practice

the girly girls! outi harma, mati rose, marisa haedike, christine miller, penelope dullaghan, me. christine’s work is in the background.

i feel as though my heart and my joy are going to spill out of my ears and out into world. i have a feeling this is going to be a post that sounds quite dramatic, but i don’t even care. the girly show was so damn cool. seriously, wondrously, unbelievably cool. i had actual chest pains the nite of the show – and jitters, and a very large, chatty, smile. and a headache, which i often have when i’m too happy. isn’t that strange?

where to start?

christine was a lovely host. not only did she kick ass at organizing this show, but her work is even more amazing in person (and i’m lucky enough to have come home with a very special piece). her home is lovely, filled with art and books and windows and music and conversation and love. and she is just so damn cool. she has inspired me beyond words. to stay this artful living path. to be business saavy. to be open. to be the creator of my own experiences. to leap and run and stay quiet all at once.

i will forever be grateful for the experience of being a part of it. i bawled my eyes out in our rental car on the way to the airport yesterday (to a flight that was canceled no less, leaving us stranded for 7 hours at LAX. oh joy). they were tears of release. of disbelief. i just wasn’t sure what to expect. i was feeling intimidated, small, comparing myself to the other girls before the show (had they made a mistake inviting me?), but once i arrived, all of that over thinking floated away and i felt at ease. part of my aha moment that i mentioned in my last post had a lot to do with the inner critic, that voice that creeps up on me and tries to sabotage my real dreams and self. that questioning voice was on it’s way out the door when i left for LA, but i’m pretty sure that the door has been slammed closed after this experience of being with these women and their art, our art, our show. it was so cool.

the evening of the show came quickly and i remember making an effort to slow down, to take in every moment. your first gallery show. remember every moment of it. and i did. and i will.

some highlights:

having breakfast with christine and her BFF melissa the day before the show. talking with them about grief and the circle of it all and talking a bit about our stories. melissa was the honorary BFF all weekend long. she was really great.

hanging out with kimmie and her baby. she flew in from florida to see the show (and family) and i was overjoyed to have a bff of my own in town to help celebrate.

dinner at christine’s the evening before the show with all of the other artists and some of their friends. i met this lovely woman and this one, too.

hanging the show on saturday morning was such fun. the very talented penelope helped with the layout of my work and i think it looked great on the wall. thank you, penelope! when it was all done, i took a deep breath and long look. mati gave me a hug. john gave me a hug. it was a moment.

wandering around and seeing all of their art. i had to retrain myself from not buying mati’s elephants and penelope’s twirling girl. if money weren’t an issue, i’d have both of those pieces right now.

receiving a lovely bouquet of flowers during the show from these two friends. it was such a fun surprise. thank you guys!

this actress bought one of my pieces. check out her website. she is doing some pretty cool stuff and has a gallery of her own. and she could not have been more gracious and sweet.

meeting boho girl, our very own photographer! she drove up from san diego and i cannot wait to see the photos she took! thank you, denise!

having my sister-in-law liz come with her friend kellie to see the show.

meeting this artist, and this blogger, and meeting all sorts of friendly strangers who came out. i was surprised at just how many people came out for our one night only show! i can’t forget to mention that this talented photographer was our enthusiastic cashier and this lovely woman served us delicious wine all evening long. i paced myself. really, i did.

the show was a success. i sold all but four pieces – available now here, and here, and here, and here. but more than that, i made some new friends, and had an experience i will remember all of my days. mati was right: it turned out to be the very best case scenario.

more photos can be seen here and here and here. more photos coming soon from boho girl. i am loving all the linkage in this post!

Sending much love,

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  1. ValGalArt

    It was so nice meeting you and John and I’m so glad you had such a wonderful and successful show! You are darling and I wish i would have taken a picture of you with your art…

  2. teresa sheeley

    Love, love, love all this art! Congrats to you for this accomplishment. It looked like a very cool thing to be a part of. You look spectacular in that cute little dress!!


  3. Letha Sandison

    Major and serious congrats on the show Kelly!! It sounds amazing and I am just so thrilled for you all. I know how much work goes into getting to that point and what an emotional journey it is as well.

    The first of many wonderful shows for you I am sure!

  4. myumblog

    i love love your dress and all the beautiful artwork! what a great experiance! ah, I wish I was there. you’ll just have to have a big artshow here in nyc. xo- Maya

  5. The Silent K

    You are an inspiration girl!

    I love that this happened, that it went well, and that you were amidst such a wonderful crowd of fellow artists.

  6. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    That is fantastic, Kelly! I’m really happy for you! Next time I want to be there 🙂

  7. Gwen

    Hi Kelly,
    Sounds like an awesome experience, and that dress is kick-ass!!

    Looking forward to seeing you at ArtFest!


  8. Kristin

    I am in love with the fact that you are living your dream! It is so inspiring! I hope you got my message! I am so proud of you! Love ya! ♥

  9. mati rose

    hello you,
    i HEART your blog entry so much!
    it was so damn cool.
    cannot wait to see you weds!

  10. Judy Wise

    This looks like so much fun and such a milestone for you and your dreams. Honestly, with your talent and personality I dont think you could fail at anything. Congratulations on your huge and wonderful success. Stick a pin in that inner critic!!

  11. liz elayne

    i am so excited for you! and i am glad i got to be there through the phone calls filled with your excitement. fantastic my friend!

  12. melissa

    It was so great to meet you and I can’t wait to see more of your art…and come visit you in SF!! I will write more when I get over my jet lag…just flew back this morning. So happy for you and everyone at the girly show and am so thankful to have been there to share it with all of you lovely ladies! xoxo melissa

  13. britt

    i am so proud of you and excited for you! this sounds amazing. congratulations! and yay for beating up that inner critic!

  14. Boho Girl

    it was WONDERfull meeting you face to face. as i said in my email to you, it was a seamless transition from bloggie world to tangible world. you are so beautiful and kind and caring.

    your talent awe’s me girl…it was breathtaking during the show.

    i had so much fun capturing all of your girly moments and hanging with you cool chica’s.

    tell your hubs i said hi. you two are adorable together.

    so happy for you, Kelly…life is full of adventures ahead for you, i just feel it!




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