and it’s all blessings.

Nov 12, 2009 | Life in Progress

i’m in that mode of near capacity where my life is reaching a boiling point, where i need to give up or walk away or let go. where balance has gone out the window and i have my hands in too many immediate loose ended details. in these moments, my best soul medicine is to reach out toward gratitude:
for john. he’s been home this week, making yummy meals, doing the laundry, and distracting me every chance he can get to go for a walk, or out to eat, or snuggle time, or silly dances around the house. i am seriously grateful for his kind love for me, his balancing ways, and for his support and interest in what i do, including his marathon brainstorm sessions with me. otherwise, i’d be a workaholic hermit who retreats in all the wrong ways. like i said, i have bad habits.
for health. all aspects, in every way.
for permission to have heady days and overwhelm while still being aware and in the center of the best life imaginable.
for seasons. the leaves are still bright here in seattle. the weather is pretty gloomy, but the bright colors of the trees don’t go unnoticed.
for friendly strangers like susie q at my local post office.
for lip balm that actually works and soothes seriously cracked lips.
for the times when my brain can actually shut off. for good sleep.
for conversations where dreams are born.
for affordable tshirts at target and for anthropologie sales.
for the understanding and acceptance from my friends + family when i drop off the scene for a bit. i’m feeling like a horrible friend, daughter, sister these days but i also know i’m deeply loved even in times when i can do better.
for the most lovable dog on the planet who is snoring next to me as i type this on the green couch.
for the knowing that one day soon, perhaps tomorrow, i will feel lighter.
for perspective, for wake-up calls, for counting my blessings.
and it’s all blessings.

Sending much love,

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