andrea and sass

Dec 10, 2008 | Life in Progress

(andrea and her adorable sass, on a berkeley street corner)

remember when you were a kid and you ran all around the neighborhood with your messy hair? when your clothes were charmingly layered on your body in colors that seemed to shout: i am joyful. i am youthful. i am allowed to be silly. when playfulness was the norm. when friends were abundant. when you dreaded bedtime? life was full. and wild with possibility. it felt eternal, that bliss.
the process of taking this photo of andrea felt like an afternoon on the playground: running around under the rustic sign, jumping here, spinning there, trading clothes, laughing hysterically. i was reminded of my childhood and how everyday was a playful adventure with my neighborhood pals. those were the years when play was not only fun, but it was important in our learning process. as i get older, i’m learning that making time for play is still fun, but it’s so much more than that. it’s healing. it’s energy. it’s restorative. and it’s still learning. in fact, i’m quite sure i have never learned so much in my adult life than when i let my spirit loose with creativity + play exactly three years ago. the learning and the lessons have been endless really, but it’s also been the most fun of my life.
so yes, that spirit, that sassiness, that magic of our childlike wonder is ours for the taking no matter our age or circumstance. it’s eternal in every way if we allow it to be…

and isn’t this photo of andrea wild with joy (here’s another fave from that day)? i love the abundance that is expressed, the silliness, the uncontainable youthfulness. she’s a keeper, that andrea. she’s all about fun + easy, and conscious living. my kind of girl. speaking of andrea and joy, she’s got a sale going on right now on her superhero necklaces. and a girl can never have enough superhero necklaces. i’m just sayin. check it out here.

ps – they are building the bricks for esteria’s new home as i type this. bricks! not mud! how seriously cool. odette and jen are going to choose the winner from the painting giveaway soon. keeping you posted, i promise.

pps – still loving seattle. unpacking, not so much.

Sending much love,

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