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Dec 12, 2008 | Life in Progress

they call her the orange crush, and boy have we been crushin’ on her. both of us have always wanted a vw camper bus, and now the dream has come together. like i said, seattle is welcoming us and treating us well. dreams are coming true…yes they are. i know it’s just a car, but still. i am in love. and it makes me feel like a ten year old in the very best of ways. thank you, jennifer, for making this happen! if your geeking out and wanting more (like i did when i first laid eyes on her), then click here (all photos are by bob lake).

in other news, i’ve barely left the house in the week since we’ve moved in. this is what i do whenever we move. i get super focused on unpacking, nesting, decorating, and creating a home. i’m all about making duvet covers, curtains, arranging furniture, wall collections, and on an on. it makes me deliriously happy, especially the list making of things to make it all complete (you know, plants, light bulbs, and that sort of thing). i’m happy to report we are completely done unpacking, arranging, organizing. and i can barely wait to share photos (waiting for sunshine).

the sale. oh my. totally overwhelmed with the response. i’ve run out of mats, inks, paper, and packaging. and i’ve been working like a madwoman to replace it all and get the orders filled. it’s all come together (and orders are going out on time) but the lesson has fully been learned: expect a response to sales and have supplies set and ready to go to avoid overnighting charges from suppliers. got it. thank you for all the orders…i’m loving how there is such a variety in the prints you are choosing. the sale ends TOMORROW!

as i sit here in my new studio, i am feeling really full. just warm and mushy and maybe a little weepy. i’m just happy and hopeful in a way that i haven’t been in a long while. it’s been a long time coming, this transition. and i’m happy to be smack in the middle of it. thank you for all the support along the way. the well wishes have meant so much.

how are you guys? what are your hearts warm with this week?

Sending much love,

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  1. disa
  2. Amy Sperry Faldet

    Well I am just tickled on this rainy day to see you have art here in my small town! I had no idea you had reached out to spread joy like this and you have a book! Congrats sweets!

  3. Océan

    Thanks for your stunning pictures of your VW Camper!

    I spent two month every summer in the back of an orange VW Camper as a child in the 70s. We crossed Canada twice. Newfoundland to British Columbia. I have always wanted to show my kids what it looked like but I had no photos. Now thanks to you, I can give them an amzing tour of the “Camper”. Your camper is beautiful ~ in much better shape than the one I rolled around in with my sister and hippie parents! Enjoy!

  4. Tammy L Veilleux

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your new studio. Congrats on yet another smooth move.

    Happy Holidays to you, Kelly.

  5. Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright

    KElly – It’s Kelly in Oakland again. Happened to take a peek at your ORANGE CRUSH. LOVE IT! You are living the life! 🙂 And, SEattle – I go there often, so our paths WILL cross one of these days!! Hey – might you be interested in illustrating a lovely children’s book? e-mail me. lemme know! thanks!

  6. jill nalette

    I’m so happy for you Kelly!! Things are going just as they should for a wonderful and beautiful soul such as yourself.
    I think it would be fun to go cross country in a VW.
    xoxo and Smiles,

  7. Amanda

    I am warm with the light of my emerging authentic self, and I am fueled by the possibility of healing myself and my community by speaking my truth. I am warm with touching the truth of my power and my purpose.

    Love your Orange Crush! Like a lovely dream. Can’t wait to see your new home! I’m inspired by your focused nesting; I moved into my apartment two years ago and still haven’t fully settled in.

    Happy holidays, Kelly, and many blessings to you and yours.

  8. Steph

    Oh, that’s just the COOLEST camper van! Congrats!

  9. Katrina

    ohmygosh! i love you in seattle. just that one photo of you by your new front step. adorable. and this orange crush is SO crushable. is it now yours? or one like it. can’t wait to get caught up when you settle in. congrats on this new place to rest your head…and heart.

  10. jenifer74

    🙂 orange crush will be so happy with you 🙂 xxx.

  11. Fannie

    Hi, Kelly Rae!

    Great van! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Nice to hear your move went well–sending a warm “Welcome Home” to you! Look forward to seeing pictures of your new studio, etc.

    Thanks for the sale. I’m excited to hang your art in my studio.


  12. paris parfait

    I’ve been traveling, so just now catching up. So glad you’re loving your new home in Seattle. It’s a wonderful city and I’m sure you’ll take full advantage of all it has to offer. Congrats on all the funds you raised for Odette’s family – I donated through Jen. xo

  13. taylor

    Kelly Rae,
    Love the orange crush. You will have many fun adventures in it. I have always wanted one as well. Glad Seattle is working out well. Still very close to Portland. Have a great holiday.Taylor

  14. pen*

    oh my gosh. i am in love.
    and it couldn’t have found a home with two more deserving people. i cannot wait to see, hear and read about your adventures to come.
    your blog always warms my heart xo

  15. oksana

    She is adorable!!!! I never saw something like this in my life!
    We are waiting for the photos!
    Enjoy your new house!

  16. Brené

    so glad your heart is full and your bus is all gassed up! does it get any better than that?

  17. Elizabeth

    oh, that color, it would make me happy to just sit and look at it. 🙂

    enjoy your new home!

  18. Gwen

    Hey, kellyrae, you moved to SEATTLE, don’t make us wait until July to see pictures of your new home!! (Meaning the sun…)

  19. jeanne

    Hi Kelly – like Michelle, I can totally relate. My mom had a VW bus – baby blue with a peace sign painted on the front and a bed in the back. My brother and I would spend great times there – camping or paying while mom ran errands – yep before the days of worry! Enjoy your sunshine on wheels!

  20. Michelle

    Hi Kelly.. I nearly fell over when I saw your photos.. we had this very same VW van (same colour too) when we were children. My mum and dad bought it and it was like a big, orange sunshine driving around our village. Those were the days when there were no seat belt laws.. my mum just put two armchairs in the back and my sister and I would shriek with laughter when she went round corners and the chairs would slide. I seem to remember the dog sliding along too. Hope you have many miles of happiness and adventure in your sunshine van.

  21. karen

    it’s magnificent! the happy-mobile. Look at the shiny shoes … it’s so spiffy. Happy for you!

  22. Christina

    That really is orange love. Oh my, this is heavenly. : )

    So nice to “meet” you. I am off to pick out that pic (in your shop) for my daughter. ; ) Bliss


  23. Lea

    Man, I always wanted one of those! You guys are going to have SO much fun! She’s a beauty. 🙂

  24. Hilary

    Hello, my friend sent me your site awhile back and I’m been following it daily. I enjoy it so much I recently bought your book. I’m 28 and I completely understand the feelings and expections you describe in the book. I recognize the similar roads that we travel. I hope one day I’ll be as lucky as you in following my dreams. So I’m all warm about new possibilities and beginnings and waiting to see what’s around the corner. Thank you for being so inspiring. Lots of Luck!

  25. mimi charmante

    did you say “waiting for sunshine”? kelly dear, you live in seattle now. i don’t know if i can wait until spring to see those photos!
    this week i am warmed by my fabulous oven, which has been going non-stop, baking biscotti, and cookies, and all things wonderful and festive.
    happy holidays in your new home, with your fabulous new ride. she is beautiful – have you named her?

  26. Elizabeth

    Hej Kelly,

    Just know how you feel. My husband and I just moved a few months ago and we love our new house.
    Presently I’m working really hard to get ready for christmas.

    Enjoy your new home!!!


  27. Imelda

    After a couple of evenings off I'm back doing the second run of my play again and having a great laugh with the cast which is made up of friends old & new. We're all pulling together to make the show run well and being each other's personal comedian and/or counsellor. Shame that tomorrow is out final night.

  28. kayla

    I just got my wisdom teeth out and my heart is warmed by my love for jamba juice. My mom stocked up on some carribean passion flavor and the color reminds me of your delicious new vw bus. My dad always jokes about owning one. I don’t think I would complain either. They are just so yummy and inspiring looking! Thank you for your email. Being in CPS was kinda a big deal for me especially since I got to be in a mag that features so many big names. Let’s just say I as beyond freaking out! Congrats with your sale. Your work is lovely as always! Happy holidays!!!!

  29. Nic Hohn

    Yes Kellie Rae, my heart and whole body is warm. We are in summer, in shorts and in singlets!But I am so enjoying the gift of giving; a smile, a friendly word or just loving energy. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. Warm wishes and blessings to you.


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