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Aug 17, 2007 | Life in Progress

this morning when my alarm went off i had a very clear and immediate internal dialogue with myself: “today, today i’m going to take notice. i’m going to practice, if i must, to be grateful, to find my own path back to simple abundance. it starts today.” it’s funny how we can find ourselves just a tad off track, and then it sort of snowballs into a place of complete unfamiliarity where you don’t recognize anything, including bits of yourself.

today was a day of practice for me. i took the camera everywhere, including my routine morning walk with bella and into san fran on my green bike. i stopped to notice, to capture the moment, the details. surprisingly, i found myself wanting to walk and ride further, to see what other treasures i might find. it was a gentle exercise on remembrance.

i also met mati and christine at cafe gratitude in the mission today. we ordered dishes with names like “I AM ABUNDANT” and “I AM REFRESHED” and “I AM SUCCULENT” and each time we ordered something, our server would repeat the phrase to us (you ARE succulent, you ARE abundant, etc). pretty cool. it was a great place to go just hours after having my internal morning thoughts. in their bathroom was a painting with the words “where i put my attention creates my experience.” so true. another message from the universe….in a bathroom of all places.

it was also pure delight to sit and cozy up with my art friends and talk about life, about dreams, about upcoming weddings, birthdays, books. these two are true and real and honest and sharers of their lives. love it.

i love that today felt like the awakening i knew was coming. i hope to continue the new practice of taking my camera on everyday excursions. i have a feeling it will remind me to capture and remember the details that i tend to notice anyway, but forget too quickly.

inspired by this (by way of andrea), i’m also going to start capturing more of my hearts. i see them everywhere and i can’t believe i haven’t been capturing them! here’s one:

and this sums up my thoughts exactly (taken from the book my friend sent me recently. i love it when someone sends you something that you needed, though they likely didn’t even realize just how perfect it would be for you, so thank you friend).

it is difficult to commit to living where we are, how we are. it is difficult and it is necessary. in order to make art, we must first make and artful life, a life rich enough and diverse enough to give us fuel. we must strive to see the beauty in where we are planted, even if we are planted somewhere that feels very foreign to our nature. in new york, i must work to connect to the parts of the city that feed my imagination and bring me a sense of richness and diversity instead of mere overcrowding and sameness. in california, my friend must work to do the same. if we are not willing to work in this way, we become victims…we must bloom where we are planted”
julia cameron from the sand of paper

Sending much love,

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  1. nina

    yes, hearts are everywhere, but not as wonderful as the great big heart that is smack dab in the middle of great and wonderful you. xoxo

  2. jen lemen

    oh i love the gratitude cafe! it’s one of my favorites. SO happy you have this collection of women to inspire and keep you going.

  3. Marel Lecone

    Since Julia Cameron is my new favorite person . . . I have started reading The Artist’s Way. This is so up my alley . . . . thank you!!

    The whole post was great!

    Mary Ellen

  4. mati

    sweetness kelly! thank you for you.

  5. meganpickwell

    What a wonderful positive post, full of gratitude.
    Thankyou, just what I needed.

  6. Literary Bohemian

    It feels like abundance is pouring out of your photos and your words today. Beautiful!

  7. PixieDust

    Thank you for a gentle reminder that we need to enjoy our walks, our friends, tea, flowers.

    Hearts are indeed everywhere because life can be so loving…


  8. Colorsonmymind

    Great photos-I especially love the lilies.

    Sounds like a great day and new beginning:)

  9. Amanda

    i love this post! so fun. and i always see hearts everywhere, i didn’t know about that site on andrea’s blog, but i think i will make it a point to capture the love everywhere too!

  10. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    Kelly, you might enjoy reading Peace is in Every Step
    The Miracle of Mindfulness

    by Thich Nhat Hanh

    They are both really great books about being in the present moment and centering yourself in your life.


  11. Tammigirl

    Nice post about your re-awakening, here’s hoping for this feeling to arise in each of us daily!

  12. Kirsten Michelle

    thank you for this, kelly.

  13. kelly

    oh…i see two of my favorites!
    i am sure you all had a ball.
    if you see christine again, give that chick a hug from me. mati
    too, but i have never truly met her, must through our i-world.


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