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Sep 11, 2013 | Life in Progress

Oh, summer is moving along so fast over here. Here are a few highlights from the last couple of weeks around here lately…..
He is amazing. Finally agreed to go on a train ride today at the zoo, something he has been cautious to try. #proudofhim He is two and continues to be obsessed with music and instruments and anything athletic. And homemade OJ Popsicles ;)
Hello world. I'm almost threeeeeee! And life is gooooood!
True is turning three pretty soon. He’s turned a corner into a world of more independence, outward expression (not so shy anymore!), and the sillyness is in full effect. I find myself really loving and enjoying his company lately, and am amazed how his imagination is beginning to take shape. He has the dearest and sweetest conversations with his stuffed animal friends. It crushes me (in all the best ways). 
He's been asking for a #pinktutu for weeks and today was the day. Nothing like watching your kid LIGHT UP. #trueelioorlando #adorable
He’s also quite stylish, no? I LOVE this dress up phase! He had been asking for a pink tutu for awhile. While he loves ‘breakdancing’ he also loves practicing ‘pirouettes’. He was so lit up when he finally found just the right pink tutu. And as any mama knows, there’s nothing like witnessing your kid light up. Love how FREE he is to express himself at this age. Lights me up, too!
We’re in the midst of planning his first ‘real’ birthday party and there will be music, lots of it. This kid continues to be happily obsessed with instruments, making up songs, singing, and dancing. When he’s not doing those things, he’s doing something physical like biking full speed (or running) down the sidewalk. Whew! Hello, energy. 

The amazing Alexandra Franzen is teaching in the studio today!
The amazing Alex Franzen came to Soul Shine Studio to teach a couple weekends of writing workshops. I have worked with Alex a few times professionally, and I don’t know anyone that has the kind of superpowers that she has when it comes to helping people extract and distill the pieces of themselves that make them unique and powerful and then, with clear focus, put all of that into words (a bio! a sales page! a book! and more). She has a gift and there’s nothing like witnessing someone in the center of their gift and using it to powerfully serve and transform lives. Love, love! 
#soulshinestudio has been transformed for @alex_franzen's #writeyourselfintomotion workshop! Excited!
I set up the studio all pretty for the writing students (me included!) and enjoyed a full weekend of being in this space with 20 other amazing women. There’s no other time when I feel more empowered and inspired than when I’m with a group of women who are passionate about the work they do in the world. The energy is crazy good. 
My mom was in my house this morning and spread some flowers love around (she mixed some fresh yard flowers with last week's store bought). Six little displays! #thanksmom #itsthelittlethings
On the home front, lots of fresh flowers. My mom created all the above little arrangements for us. Love that she pops into our house from time to time and leaves it more pretty than when she arrived. It’s the little things, no?
Spruced up the back deck. Hello summer evenings!
Also really enjoying our back deck quite a bit. These months of awesome weather are limited here in Portland, so we’re sure to enjoy it while it’s here. The weather could not be more perfect right now. 

I keep hearing about this book and decided today (a particularly rough mama day) was a good day to dive in. Have you guys read this?
I’ve been on a big book kick lately, and this is one of them. I just kept hearing about it and finally bought it. It’s a good one, friends. Highly recommended! 
Happy anniversary to us! Together 14 years. The roads travelled, the heart expansion, the healing work,  the easy years, the hard years, the all if it. I chose well when I chose him and still so happy he chose me. #lovealwayswins

John and I celebrated our anniversary a couple weeks ago. We spent the weekend at Skamania Lodge – a gorgeous resort in the Columbia River Gorge. We did things we don’t get to do that often together (sleeping in! lounging and eating without interruption!). It was awesome. I also rediscovered pop rocks. Hello, happy!

And hello, together 14 years. The roads travelled, the
heart expansion, the healing work, the easy years, the hard years, the
all if it. I chose well when I chose him and still so happy he chose me. Love always wins, indeed.

#bridgeofthegods #columbiarivergorge #gorgeousday #iloveoregon

This is a beautiful bridge near where we stayed for our anniversary. It’s the same bridge mentioned quite a bit in Wild – an amazing book, also highly recommended. Sometimes, I can’t believe how beautiful it here in the Northwest. Wowzers. 
Found this today in our neighborhood. Love! It was on a poetry pole in a front yard by the sidewalk;). #adoreourhood
I’ve been finding all sorts of goodness during my neighborhood walks, including the sign above which was posted in someone’s front yard, inside their poetry post/pole. Love! Do you guys have poetry poles in your hood? They’re everywhere in Portland 🙂

Here's another #treealtar found in my hood this week. Love. #onlyinportland

These little mini tree altars in my neighborhood make me smile. So fun and creative.  #onlyinportland

We’re also finding lots and lots of fairy doors around our hood, too. I mean, how cute is this? It took me awhile to figure it out, but it’s all a part of a Tiny Door Project. This kind of community building/sweetness/for the kids/and for the adults stuff makes me swoon. It’s why we have a little free library in our front yard.

Not gonna lie. Today was one of those really tough parenting days but we had a few glimpses of ease and joy.....and painting side by side was one of those moments. #trueelioorlando
This was the scene this morning before I left for work. Ever since creating this space in our home office earlier this week, True's been calling it "the art classroom" and has been eager to hang in here. #makesmehappy #goodmove
Love that painting is a big part of what we do with True. I’ll do a post soon on what we use, our general set up, but honestly we just throw the canvas cloth down (the kind with plastic on the bottom) and get out the paints (tempera) and let him go. It makes me wildly happy co-creating with him and watching his own little process.

There was an afternoon awhile back where we were having a bit of a rough day, and once I pulled out the paints and gave us both some quiet time to work on our paintings, things shifted in big ways.

I've been working on this painting in tiny spurts over the last few weeks. #readytofinish I am finding it hard to get a large chunk of time to create lately. Must work out my never ending time mgmt issue. #hardtojuggleitall #busymama
I’ve also been working on my own art pieces lately, too though lately it seems to take forever to finish one painting as I’m doing it in tiny spurts here in there. I’m struggling a bit with carrying and juggling it all. It’s a constant practice to manage the biz side of what I do and still have time for creative time and still have maximum time with my family. I know I’m not alone in this particular journey.
The light was insane late yesterday afternoon at #soulshinestudio. Loving the smell of Autumn and these last summer days. It's my absolute favorite time if year.
Through it all I see the journey of motherhood and biz as one big playground in which to practice my values, my lessons, my soul work, my celebrations. I am fortunate, always, for the path I’m on. 
More soon! 
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. kellyrae

    Jana! Thank you so much! Get in touch via and we will email you when it's for sale. Sending love for you and your beautiful daughter!

  2. Jane George

    i adore the sail boat/courage piece! My daughter has smith magenis syndrome and we all need courage every single day!!!! would love to know if its for sale. so truly happy to find you on here! xxxx

  3. Diana Meade writing as Ida Clare

    I enjoy reading your blog and I just wanted to comment and agree about how energizing being around other women who are walking a creative path can be. I used to belong to a group like that and since I've moved, I've yet to find another and it has been a huge loss.

    However, I am reaching out to great creative women online and I am making some connections. Even if it is slow going, I know the effort is worth it.

    Thanks for sharing your process and your inner light.

  4. Pauline

    Hello Kelly Rae, I just found you on Pinterest and am so happy to have done so! I have seen your work before and really like it – but mostly I love your philosophy and generosity of spirit! I am a happy follower of your blog 🙂

  5. Amy Huff

    I really wish there was a giant "Like" button!

  6. Shawna Bosworth

    Love your blog…great post and so inspiring. Thank you!


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