Aug 21, 2013 | Life in Progress

A little link love of what’s inspiring me lately around here lately…..Enjoy! 
You guys. YOU GUYS! Recently, I had a full-on, hour long conversation with SARK. With Sark! Dream. Come. True. I have to say. It was one of my favorite conversations, ever. She asked the best questions, had amazing insight, and we dove into some deep topics (anxiety! competition! balance! and more). You can listen to the entire conversation right here

For those of you who are big fans of Sark like me, you’re in luck. She’s created a shiny new FREE Video Series that guides you through some of her most powerfull work – how she created 16 bestselling books, hundreds of products and continues to create today with joy and purpose. And it’s all free. Don’t miss it, friends.

After about five weeks of not being here, sure feels good to be back. #soulshinestudio
Some other recent inspiration:

** I’m loving the TED Radio Hour on NPR lately. I’ve been listening via online. What are you guys listening to? Any favorite podcasts?

** Blog crushin’ on her. And her.

** Loving her new website.

** Loving the permission that is given in her blog post. YES!

** As a mama to a little boy, I’m incredibly conscious of not repeating old social patterns around what it means to “be a man.” This TED talker has it right.

** Just saw this movie. Loved it.

** Recently fell back in love with pinning.

** Currently reading this book (highly recommended!)

** He read my book four years ago as a teenager and now, as an adult, is a full-fledged working artist. Love! And hello, talent!

What’s been catching your inspiration lately. I’d love to know 🙂

Sending much love,

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  1. Trisha Marcy

    OMG! So awesome! I'm a long time SARK reader (and SWW and former VA of hers) and a more recent KRR groupie. That was one of the BEST. The absolute BEST. So juicy! THANK YOU!

  2. Dana Barbieri

    So great! I watched SARK's first video from the series and it is really great. Is there a way to save the mp3 of your call with SARK?
    Thank you SARK and KRR.

  3. Steph

    Wow!!! SARK – how awesome. Can't wait to listen!

  4. rachel awes

    kelly rae + SARK,
    the two of you live like neighbors on the back of my "all i did was listen" book + it was lovely to hear that binding come to life in conversation + voice. thank you for such a gift!
    +, kelly rae, your voice reminded me of my DEAR friend chrissy gardner's voice! what an awesome association for me! it only makes me adore you more! + SARK, i looove how you love yourself so much…i didn't realize that i needed to hear that, but clearly i did because of feeling so moved.
    HUGE love to you both + so happy for you each that you got to have this beautiful conversation together.
    abundant love, rachel


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