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Aug 15, 2013 | Life in Progress

Loving the row of bird houses my dad made for our backyard. #howcuteisthat

My dad. He’s awesome. He built this sweet little row of birdhouses for us. I love the colors he chose. I love the white picket fence he created for them. I love the little metal pieces on their rooftops. We put ours in our backyard where the roses and dahlias and jasmine and other goodies are growing to our delight.

My parents added a kids library annex to their #littlefreelibrary. How adorbs is that?
Speaking of my parents, they recently created and attached a kid’s library as an annex to their little free library. Seriously, people, how cute is that? I’m thinking we’ll have my dad do the same thing to our Little Free Library (which remains the best community building move we’ve ever made).

Adore this photo of us capturing our selfie.  #dorks #cutenessoverload

Loving these family selfie shots. And loving instagram, still. I think it’s the best social media invention, ever ever ever.

And here's what's happening in the front. New porch, steps, rails, etc. #1916bungalow #neverendinghouseprojects

We’re getting a new front porch. I will not complain about how projects like these take double the time and expense as originally planned. I will not. Instead, I will welcome what it will be. And what it will be is a natural wood floor (and steps and rails), golden and gorgeous. Excited.

They are the best of friends. #fullheart #stayathomepapa #cutenessoverload

My boys went for a hike today and stopped to capture this heart for me. How cute are they? #fullheart
They are the bested of friends, these two.  And it makes my heart swoon that they stopped to capture this heart while on a hike together. Love, love, and more. Sometimes it’s hard to not be the one at home all the time with True. While I love that John is the stay at home parent, I find myself a little envious of their time together, wishing I could be a part of the adventures every singe day. So, when they take photos like this and send them to me while I’m at work, I feel much more a part of things. It’s not easy being a working mom and it’s not easy being an at home mama either. The push and pull is always, always at the surface.
Beth and I are back are in the throw of some serious Skyping. We’re rebranding Hello Soul Hello Business and getting it ready to relaunch with a brand new website, classroom, and ecourses. We are beyond excited. Have you seen Beth’s new Do What You Love website? If not, it’s a must.
Loving that my hair is growing out just a little bit so that the flips are out.   Loving that my yellow shoes that I bought with Mati Rose all the way back in 2007 are still in happy condition. Loving that my mom made me an awesome new tunic (thanks mom!) that I’m certain I will wear a million times. I’m wearing it right now, in fact. For those of you interested, the pattern for it is right here.
Made a trip to Cost Plus awhile back and spruced up our outdoor digs. The weather is perfect these last many weeks and outdoor dining has been awesome. 



Do not know how I landed the jackpot, but I am grateful, everyday, beyond measure, for this little dude spirit in my life. I know you know what I mean, mamas!

There is something about airports that I love, love, love. I'm in CLT for a little 20 yr reunion with my childhood BFF and then a big meeting for a potentially big opportunity in biz. Excited and a little bit nervous.

I just got home from a quick trip to Charlotte. There was a day at the spa with my childhood BFF. There was a long, two day business meeting for a potentially big opportunity. I hope it happens! Having grown up in the South, there were all the Southern comforts of grits and endless sweet tea and chicken and dumplings and southern accents and humidity and friendly people and a sense of ease. 
Happy to be back home, though. And ready to enjoy these last few weeks of summer. Lots of art making coming up, too! 

Sending much love,

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  1. Eleanor

    Hi! I know this is quite an old post, but I have just been writing a post on my own blog about Little Free Libraries and have featured your Dad’s amazing children’s library annexe! Just wanted to let you know I love it! x

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you! XOXO

  2. Gulf Coast Girl

    This blog takes me to a happy place. Thanks always for sharing.

  3. CJ

    Wonderful post with beautiful photos. Glad you had lovely break in Charlotte.

  4. janice smith

    What a full and beautiful life you have. I confess I have major shoe envy at this moment and I'm drooling a bit over your new porch floor.
    You are so right about the push and pull. It's always there…always. – j


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