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Jul 31, 2013 | Life in Progress

Feeling incredibly grateful to my entire family for help making #soulshinestudio happen. John who is crazy supportive and stay at home papa. To my dad Greggie for a ton of carpentry work in the space. To my mom who rocked out the flower arrangements and f

True snapped this fuzzy photo of us and I couldn't love it more ;). Taken at #soulshinestudio open house.

Our #soulshinestudio open house is over and we are exhausted and blissed out all at once. Thanks to all who came and blessed the space with us and to those of you who blessed from afar! Thanks for the photo @zipporahnaomi cc @florabowley @pixiecampbell @l

We had our Soul Shine Studio open house a couple of weeks ago. Holy smokes, so many people came (thank you!) and it was big fun. My whole family came and I felt major gratitude for their part in making this happen and celebrating it with me. The studio girls and I were a bit delirious by the day’s end and got a bit silly on the floor. Love these photos. And I’m just loving sharing the space. I’m working on a post with a proper photo tour of the space – coming soon!

Earlier today at Jen Lee's #indiekindred film premiere with @pixiecampbell @jessicaswift and @missviv. Super proud of Jen's film and glad to be there to support all who were a part of it!
I went to see Jen Lee’s new documentary, Indie Kindred, with these lovely friends (Pixie, Jessica, Viv). You have to go over and watch the trailer. I thought it was really special. 
Ya know, just reading the morning news;) #trueelioorlando
The dirty fingers and hands make me swoon. #summertime #diyapplejuicepopcicle #kidlife #mamalove #thisiswhatitisallabout

First heart for #trueelioorlando !
Today we found a hickory nut with a face. Made me think of you @andreascher. And it's a #happyface too!

True found his first sidewalk heart and while he was at it, he found a hickory nut with a face. I can hardly believe he’ll be three in a couple of months. Loving his life. He continues to be obsessed with music, instruments, making up songs. If it’s not music, it’s biking, scootering, or anything with a ball. We all have our moments but mostly there is rhythm and calm and sweetness and sillyness. He is easy going, this kid.
One of my favorite places in earth. #manzanita #oregoncoast #daytrip
It's been the hardest two weeks of the year. I've surrendered up to the mountain with my boys and lots of TLC. Counting my blessings, hourly and taking it easy.

#Nofilter #mthood #peaceful #rest
I'm a lucky mama. #familyloungetime

I’ve been taking lots of time off with my family for rest, nurture, day trips to the mountain, to the coast, to the gorge, and just time together. I figure work can wait. These summer days are so few around here, I don’t want to miss them. Besides, after the last few weeks, my heart has deeply needed the tending. Just really grateful I have the flexibility.

Our yard is exploding right now. Love it so, especially the #dahlias. #abouttoburst #ametaphor #bloom
We've been waiting for this ever since we planted our artichokes. Pretty amazing, no? The bees are impressed, too;)

Our yard is in full bloom right now with dahlias and roses and lavender and more. Did you know that artichokes, if not harvested, eventually bloom into giant purple flowers? Amazing and awesome.

Hey thanks, universe. #xo #signs

What can I say. I'm on a major memoir R&D kick. One day I'll write my own. #ourstoriesmatter

I’ve read three of these memoirs in the last couple of weeks. I’m on a major memoir kick and often think of writing my own. I suppose I’m doing some R+D with all this reading. I love how we find ourselves connecting to people’s stories. I even found myself in some small ways totally relating to Steve Martins memoir on his journey into stand up comedy.
Arting it up! A girl is emerging in the smaller one. This is the part where inspiration kicks in and it feels like flow. #paintinginprogress #mixedmedia #soulshinestudio #kellyraeroberts #soulwork

Why yes yes it does. #truth #amen

I believe this with all my heart. Time in the studio does nothing if not heal my heart and nurture my soul. I’ve been working on big canvases. Can’t wait to show you.

Excited to share some exciting news with you guys soon.
Stay tuned,

Sending much love,

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  1. Brave Teacher Mim

    Just want to say that I'm so proud of you for taking time with your little family this summer. You're so right and wise to know that work can wait! I've had the chance to spend the summer with my 4 year old by Lake Erie, and I know I will cherish this the rest of my life.

    Love your new work, and I'm so excited to go to my summer job today b/c we just got a new shipment of your stuff in!!

  2. Kim Smith

    I would love to read your memoir. Sign me up for a copy! 🙂

  3. Judy Wise

    Gladness to see your canvases. You have an awesome talent. It has to be difficult to be so many things to so many people but you do it with grace. Sending love and support. xoxo

  4. Christopher Tookolo

    I AM so proud of you!!!

  5. Linda Smith

    I was so excited to walk into this shop on St. George St. in St. Augustine,FL and find your art. I let everybody in the store know how much I liked you and your art. Your art was on the left as soon as I walked in the door and the store owner had a few pieces also throughout the store. Lovely. Of course, I bought something!


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