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Apr 29, 2013 | Life in Progress

Enjoying a slow Sunday morning over here.

I’ve been falling into a really lovely pattern of not over doing it! It feels like spacious loveliness. Like, breath. Somewhere along the line I convinced myself that I must over achieve and lately, friends, I’ve let it go. It’s been an ongoing struggle these last few years (a product of hustling very hard to transition into this full time work), but I think I’ve made yet another step, perhaps a huge leap, in the direction of trusting that I don’t need to keep piling more work on myself. I do enough. I am enough.

I owe so much of this inner soul work on this subject to my friend Brene Brown who has taught me all the ways in which perfectionism is a vulnerability armor, how shame resilience is key, and how daring greatly just might mean (for me) making choices that are aligned with my enoughness which (for me) means less is more.

Rough 24 hours calls for a big glass of wine. Yes? Yes.
Date nite!

From these photos it looks like it’s been dates for just one, but really it’s been dates with two. John and I are having some of the best conversations we’ve ever had. I am finding myself amazed how much I still don’t know about him. I hope we’re still surprising one another into old age.

Aaand the rain and cold is back in the NW. Hello from Portland where Spring snuck back under the covers.

Tulips are up and our #littlefreelibrary is still the best community building move we've made. Love that thing

The weather has been downright awful, yet the tulips are a bright spot, as is our little free library that continues to bring smiles every single day.


True was gifted a really cool #fabercastell art travel case from his Gran Gran. He LOVES it and I'm impressed with all the nontoxic supplies that fit into this little pop up art easel/case thing. COOL.

We’ve been spending lots to time indoors. True’s Gran Gran recently gave him the above travel easel set. Highly recommended. It comes with all sorts of art tools and it’s all very compact and kid safe/non-toxic. LOVE this thing.

Today he decide to say "exactly" and "probably" in every possible instance where appropriate. #lovethiskid #trueelioorlando
We had the most gorgeous light this morning for about 20 minutes. We all rushed out to enjoy it while it lasted. #lifeinportland

When it is sunny, we’ve been rushing out the door to feel the warmth. Portland weather is always fickle around this time of year. We’ve all learned to rush outside for the sunbreaks when they arrive.

In other news, my gift products have gone worldwide with international distribution. This is a big big big deal and we’re all quite excited about it. We’ve been getting all sorts of emails from our friends in the UK, Canada, Australia and more sharing with us their happy surprise when they stumbled on the products in their local stores. Yes, it’s true! We’ve gone worldwide! Can’t thank you enough for your support to make this crazy dream real. International retailers, if you want to order our products for your boutique/store, send us an email to hello[at] and we’ll send you all the details.

Thank you. Like, forever.
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Dawn Stanberry

    I am happy for you Kelly Rae , love your stuff,. I have a few pieces and I love them, happiness is Kelly Rae art, thank you for all of your work. Always makes me happy, you have a beautiful gift.

  2. Julee from TX

    Congratulations Kelly Rae! Love, love,love your creations! I've asked my family to "surprise me" with "Kelly Rae items" for mother's day–they know who I'm talking about!

  3. Life Verse Design

    congrats to international! OF COURSE people all over the world would want your art + inspiration! & True is sooooo cute!!!!

  4. Holly

    Thank you so much for sharing your life and your work, it's been a huge inspiration. Your transparency is beautiful and so is your work!

  5. Shahrul Niza

    I always love reading your post, especially about things around there lately. The weather in Portland looks gorgeous to me, either rain or shine :). Yes, just recently I saw some of your beautiful household items displayed at one of the mall here, in Malaysia!. I'm saving to get that gorgeous heart-trinket tin! :). So, WOWWW!!. My boyfriend thought I was mad for shrieking in joy over a can, I said .. yeah, it's Kelly Rae Roberts!!. LOL. True is beautiful as always. HUGS.

  6. Courtney M

    Kimberley, I am also an island girl 🙂 I work in Quebec the last few years but spend my holidays and summers on the island. So looking forward to being able to purchase KRR merchandise when I'm home. Thanks for that! 🙂

  7. kass hall

    Kelly Rae: all I can say is AT LAST!!!

    Kimberley, I've got close family friends on PEI and have been there 6 times. I know it well – I am Australian born and raised but PEI is home to me! Where on the Island are you? And which store is getting KRR products in? I haven't been home in 2.5 years and I am almost tearing my hair out – the Island is my soul. I would love to chat with you more! Maybe you could email me? You can do that through my website I'd love to chat!

  8. Steph

    I needed to read this today!

  9. Kimberly Naumann

    Too funny! I recently entered a contest for a favourite shop of mine located down the street from my home. I had to like their shop on Facebook, share their post and then comment on their post telling them what I would like to see in their shop that they don't already sell. I said Kelly Rae Roberts! Many people entered said contest and just now I found out, I WON!!! Kelly Rae Roberts is coming to Prince Edward Island Canada and it's because I asked for you! I never usually enter contests, I almost didn't bother. I'm so excited! Apparently they are ordering your stuff right now 🙂

  10. Lori Ann Woodard

    Congratulations Kelly –
    Way to go girl! You are amazing and I love your work.Keep it up!

  11. Kimberly Naumann

    I really hope to see your stuff in my part of the world, Prince Edward Island Canada! I already dropped a hint at one of our local trendy shops that we could use some Kelly Rae Roberts on the Island! Your blog brings me much joy and inspiration! When I'm having a rough day your blog is the first place I go for piece of mind. You have NO idea how much you have calmed my soul in times of great need! Thank you for that 🙂

  12. Anonymous


    Nicky from Okotoks
    Love your work


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