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Apr 22, 2013 | Life in Progress

I’ve been devouring books lately. From parenting to marriage to art to memoirs. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been reading…
My childhood BFF who is a seasoned mama and therapist recommended this book when True was just over two years old (currently 2 and 1/2) and it was becoming clear that we would need to start curbing some behaviors while promoting other behaviors. I can’t recommend this book enough. There are a couple of parenting books that have saved us – and this is one of them. Using the super clear and loving approaches recited in this book, we’ve learned to stop certain behaviors and start all kinds of awesome behaviors that our little guys is proud of. You can read all about it  here. 
** The other books that saved us were The Happiest Baby On The Block, Colic Solved, and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. These books worked like a charm for Mr. True and for us. GRATEFUL! 
Friends, if you’re married or in any sort of long term partnership, I can’t recommend this book enough. A therapist friend (I know – I seem to have lots of therapist friends which makes me a lucky, grateful girl) recommended this book to me about a year ago when John and I were going through a growth spurt. It was not only incredibly insightful, but it’s opened up a really important, vulnerable dialogue between us that guided us through our sometimes tough, but ultimately beautiful growth spurt. You can read more about this book here. 
** Also, for anyone who is parenting a male, who is married to a male, or has any significant relationship with males, I highly recommend Terrance Real’s other book, I Don’t Want To Talk About It. It will open your eyes to all the ways that we as a society/parents/teachers/etc socialize our boys to mask their feelings of vulnerability which then leads to all sorts of unexpressed emotions, ultimately leading to unhealthy patterns including covert, low level yet pervasive depression. As a parent to a young boy, I found this book incredibly enlightening and helpful – especially because True’s at the age where we’re definitely teaching him about all feelings and emotions and doing our best to give him lots of permission to feel them, put words to them, etc. 
Ahhhh. I love daily meditation books. I always have. Simple Abundance remains my all time favorite, but The Book Of Awakenings has me smitten. Slowly, I’m getting back to my daily practice of reading a passage, a poem, an essay – anything that inspires – and this book has been my re-entry back.

I picked this up at the airport last month. Completely mesmerizing, it left me thinking about it for weeks. For those of you like me who are interested in all things afterlife (whether you call it heaven or not), this is a truly fascinating story. You can learn more about it here.

What books are you guys reading? I’d love to know!

PS: Speaking of books, I clicked over to my book’s Amazon page the other day (something I almost never do – maybe once a year?) and was delighted to see that we have nearly 150 reviews. Friends, that’s a big big deal – thank you to those of you who have left reviews. I’m mighty proud that all of those reviews, minus about 30, are five star reviews. Can you believe it’s been almost five years since its release. Wowzers, time flies! Taking Flight, I am so grateful for you!

Sending much love,

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  1. Wendy D.

    Do you believe that books find you? Sometimes I think they almost jump into my hands! You might enjoy Penney Peirce's book "Frequency". She has several other books as well.

  2. Liz Ostler

    I highly recommend reading the New Rules of Marriage regardless of your relationship status. I'm 36 & single and found it profoundly helpful in my other relationship and in starting NOW to develop the skills I intend to employ within my future romantic relationships,.

  3. Anonymous

    hi kelly rae, i loved "to heaven and back" by mary neal and for raising rascals…"mitten strings from god" by katrina kenison…love, love

  4. Stephanie Ackerman

    I am reading the new book by Joyce Meyer called Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits and I have already hightlighted a ton..and I am only on chapter 3!

    " Don't ever be discouraged with yourself because you have not arrived at success, but instead be pleased that you are pressing toward it"

    I am also a proud owner of a signed copy of Taking Flight when we first met at Inspired soo many years ago!

  5. Cherie Murray

    I just finished When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chodron. Brilliant, amazing, breathtaking book. I will definitely be re-reading this book for years to come.

  6. Lauri Lumby

    In between editing my own manuscript for publication, I am reading "Seeds of Contemplation" by Thomas Merton and my psychology textbooks. Busy reading time to be sure!
    Lauri Lumby

  7. Dawn

    I teach 2yr old preschool and can say that i read that book before my 1st year and LOVED IT. it truly works. its all about giving children a choice.

  8. Alexandra Saperstein

    So great to see you recommend Terry Real here! I just spent the weekend with him doing training and am working on becoming certified with him and his institute. It's been so transformational for me beyond words I could ever express personally and professionally. Thanks for spreading the word about his work!

  9. Rosalina

    I love the book selection you picked especially the book on the afterlife. I really love The Secret of the Soul by William Buhlman. Also I really like Echo Bodine's books which tend to focus on the spiritual side of life and the afterlife.

  10. Kristi

    1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp…it has taught me so much about the power of gratitude and the healing of a broken heart.

  11. Kelly Pfeiffer

    Hi Kelly Rae! Love your work!!!!!! Discovered you through the Right Brainers in Business Tele-Summit.
    Those badges you posted on your fb page recently are AWESOME!!!
    I'm a parent educator so may I recommend the book, Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen to you. Also Parenting from the Inside Out by Dan Siegel & Mary Hartzell. Those are in my top 5 favorites!

  12. Steph

    Thank you for these suggestions!

  13. The Creative Beast

    Thanks for the book recommendations, they sound great AND helpful =-)
    I've just started reading "The Virgin Blue" by Tracy Chevalier (who wrote Girl with the Pearl Earring) and I found my copy at a LITTLE FREE LIBRARY in my neighborhood, just like the one you made for your neighborhood! How cool is that?!?!!

  14. Anonymous

    I have two boys 3 years apart! Wow, they are a challenge, but so loving. A book I found very helpful was Raising Cain by Authors Dan Kindlon & Michael Thompson. So much insight to boys and they way we and society treat them and expect them to act. I found it very eye opening.
    Love seeing pictures of True, such an awesome name too!!!

  15. destashio

    I'm reading "Team of Rivals," the Lincoln book by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I absolutely love it, but there's so much information in every page that it's going slowly, and with about 800 pages in total I'm afraid I'll still be reading it by this time next year.

  16. Kathy

    Hi! I just finished "Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secrets of a Man's Soul" by John Eldredge. It was a very easy read and gave me something to contemplate regarding the nature of my husband and son.


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