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Apr 23, 2013 | My Creative Practice

A few weeks ago I randomly – with my eyes closed, like I was making a wish – picked a rock from my rock bowl. The rocks are a part of my home decor collection with Creative Co-op – they says things like “grace”, “hope”, “tenderness”, “courage”, etc. They are hard to find online (expensive to ship heavy rocks) but perhaps you’ve seen them in a boutique! 
Writing about faith at the moment. How it lives inside the long pauses between progress, between #acceptance and between #healing. I like you #faith like I like #courage
Anyway, I closed my eyes and picked out a rock, knowing that I would choose just the rock my heart most needed to see. That’s how faith/serendipity/magic works, right? 
I got the faith rock. Hmmm. I have been thinking about it ever since – how it’s been in my life, how it hasn’t been in my life, how it’s not been a religious piece for me, but rather a spiritual thing for me, how I’ve often dismissed it yet how I’ve clung to it, how I – up until I pulled it out of the rock bowl with my eyes squeezed shut – hadn’t realized how strongly I’ve needed to cultivate it in my life. One of the things that came up for me was how I seem to have a lot of faith in myself but how I often don’t allow myself to fully have faith in other people (yikes). I’m learning….always. 
Signed/matted prints available here.

It’s been about six weeks since I pulled the faith rock. And what I have learned is this: 
Faith lives inside the pauses between progress, between acceptance, between healing
It securely, without fail, holds the divide between those long, sometimes deep, sometimes painful pauses. 
While Grace gifts us all the time we need to figure it all out, to grieve, to ignite possibility, to find our way, faith is what holds us all the while. 
It is enduring, always there, and it will never fail us.
It is letting go, knowing it will be the bridge from one season of our lives to the next. 
It is trusting the process as we embrace change and surrender our fears. 
It is believing, with tremendous courage, that all the lessons, the work, the leaps, the falls, the struggles, the celebrations are for a purpose much larger than we can fathom – an ultimately good, beautiful, worth it purpose.  

My faith is growing. I’m seeing now all the ways that I deeply depend on it, how it has held the divide for me, time and time again. Without it, nothing would be possible. And one thing is for sure:

Courage does not exist without an existence of faith. And faith does not exist without the courage to believe. 

They go together. Like love, and …. love.

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XXO, Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. ready to elope...

    I am celebrating the arrival of sunshine to the Northwest! Its amazing how everything feels like growth and new and fresh when we get sun!

  2. Lisa Vossler

    I am celebrating that I am learning to love who I am at this moment and release judgment and baggage from the past – celebrating each new day on this journey! 🙂

  3. Michele Bergh

    I am celebrating being back in the flow after being sick almost the entire month of March. For someone who rarely gets REALLY ill, it was a tough month and I love being free from all of that once again AND it's sunny out!!

  4. Bettina Tawil

    Wow! What an exciting giveway.
    Thank you so much amazing, talented and generous Kelly Rae and Friends.

  5. salmonth

    Today I am celebrating me taking charge of my life and the actions that I take to make me happy. I am celebrating listening to my heart of hearts and living in the present, enjoying each moment! Live every moment and Love every Day we are given!! Right? !!

  6. Tracy Richardson

    Today I am celebrating my amazing frienships with the women in my life. They inpspire, uplift, and encourage me! I can only hope I have half the impact on them that they have on me!

  7. Anonymous

    Today I celebrate "letting go" of an anchor that has held me down and back for some time now.
    I am opening up my heart and soul and welcoming sweet freedom. As the saying goes, "Some think it's holding on that makes one strong… sometimes, it's letting go".

  8. Brandi

    Today I celebrate my health!!!

  9. CeCe Goodwin

    This is amazing as always

  10. Gabrielle Johnston

    Today I'm celebrating having a friend send me the link to your blog last week, and my first prints arriving in the mail yesterday. So grateful for your beautiful words and art. Thank you

  11. polkadotmitten

    Thank you for all of your posts. They are all so inspiring. I just purchased your e-book and I can't stop reading it!!

  12. Marilyn Oria

    So beautifully put! Thank you, your sharing gives us all strength 🙂

  13. Whitney

    Interesting. Faith in yourself is easy to come by, faith in others…notsomuch.

    For me, I can find plenty of faith for others…for myself, notsomuch.

    Is there a "compassion" rock in your rock bowl?

  14. janice smith

    I have always called it the in-between…the place where we can only be still and trust that the answers will come at just the right time. Thank you for describing it all so perfectly and stirring up my own sense of wonder at the gift of grace.

  15. Jody

    "Faith lives inside the pauses between progress, between acceptance, between healing." LOVE that. Thank you so much for this post…I've been calling it "the juicy stuff in between" like in between pain and recovery, in between questions and answers, in between landing in it and getting through it…and you've captured it beautifully here. It's faith. Sigh…needed this today!

  16. Entre mis manos

    Faith moves us and fills our soul …
    Thanks for inspiring my own faith dear Kelly ♥

  17. Katie

    THANK YOU for this beautiful post


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