It’s a Joy FULL Life – words to live by

Apr 8, 2013 | My Creative Practice

(Signed/matted print available here)
Ever since last year when I wrote my own manifesto (combined with my creating a special edition for Brene’s parenting manifesto), I’ve been thinking of ways I could take my love affair of art & words & life a bit further.
I think I found a way! Above is my first in a series of life declarations, soul manifestos, words to live by  – whatever you want to call them – that will speak into the stories + experiences we all share. From joyful living to holding onto hope to gratitude to healing to love to friendship to change to finally finding our voices to motherhood and marriage and new beginnings and and and. I’m excited. 
I posed this question over on Facebook, but I’d love to ask you guys as well: What kinds of topics would you love to see manifesto-ized. I’d love to know! The one above is available right here. 
XO and here’s to a brand new series! 
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Jennifer Rilatos

    Love your work, Any topics that speak to fear, and letting depression issues go, I have been there and your self empowering words ring true! Love you blog, and women just knowing that they are not alone is medicine for our souls….

  2. Kristin


  3. gail

    Something career related…and finding your true vocation (as in the actual Latin, your calling).

  4. maryoplinger

    Affordable housing so that a all can go "home".

  5. tawnya

    Peace – self, family, etc

  6. Annika

    Maybe selfcare? To remember that you need to be gentle to your self.

  7. Jane B.

    You are all that you need to be. You are worthy. You are your unique self. You are perfect just as you are.

    I so love your work, Kelly. And I truly love the series you are doing in your studio showing us how your creative process works. Thanks for putting your courageous self all out there. — Jane

  8. Niki Danek

    Perseverance. How to not let the flame flicker out? Thanks Kelly Rae!

  9. Stephanie Ackerman

    love you. I would LOVE to see a Faith, Hope & Love manifesto.


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