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Oct 23, 2013 | Life in Progress

I am hunkering down and trying (very hard) to get out of the weeds. Working from home today from a desk that was in every one of my childhood homes. And trying to be brave in my work, always.
I’ve been working a little more from home lately. Between potty training (success!) and the start of preschool, I’ve been staying close to home for all the big transitions. Feeling really grateful for this kind of flexibility. For those of you who are interested, the Hello Courage sign is available over here. It’s awesome and an especially good reminder to have over my work space.

Big day around here. It was True's first day of preschool on a gorgeous fall day. It's all so bittersweet for us parents! Super proud of him. #helovedit #trueelioorlando
Speaking of preschool, here’s True on his very first day. He’s doing great at school and it’s adorably sweet to pick him up and watch him do his rounds by finding each and every student and giving them a hug good-bye. On the 2nd day of school, True and I were having a conversation about feelings in the car on the way home. I sensed that he was doing an awesome job of being brave at school on those first days but that he’d been holding back his tears.  On this particular day he had a few moments at school where he would begin to get upset that we weren’t there and then he’d quickly readjust, hold it together, and tell the teacher he was “just kidding.” It broke my heart – I want him to feel permission to feel his feelings. So, in the car I said, “You know it’s okay to cry at school if you’re feeling afraid or sad, right? Starting school is a big deal and I can see you being brave, but it’s also okay to be afraid. Your teacher will console you. You don’t have to pretend that you’re not sad.”
Long pause.
“Mama? SERIOUSLY? It’s okay if I cry at school?” – in the sweetest barely three year old voice.
“Totally. I’m so proud of you for being brave and beginning school, but I know it can be scary, too. And your teacher will be there for you for those times when you’re feeling sad or afraid, ok?”
“Wow! I can’t believe it. I can be sad and cry at school.” – again, in the dearest little “aha moment” voice.
It was the sweetest little exchange and since then he’s had no trouble boohooing in those moments when I’m certain he must be feeling a little lost and scared at his new school. It’s created an essential trust between he and his teacher, and he’s got full permission to express his emotions. And with each new day, his joy around school is blooming. Really amazing to witness.
The whole thing made me think of all the times and moments in our lives when we’re not given permission to FEEL. What would happen if we gave ourselves permission to get the feeling out of our body, expressed, tended too? I believe unexpressed emotions aren’t benign – they’re toxic to our bodies, our relationships, our souls. Loving how much I’m learning from True as his world begins to widen. 
Sitting in car in front of preschool. Anxiously waiting for the moment when I can go in and scoop him up. This is the first time we've ever left him in someone else's care (except grands) and its been really tough on our mama/papa hearts even though I kno
Speaking of boohooing and emotions, us parents were a total wreck those first couple days. Here I am sitting in car in front of preschool, anxiously waiting for the moment when I can go in and scoop him up. This is the first time we’ve ever left him in someone else’s care (except grands) and its been really tough on our mama/papa hearts even though I know it’s all good. Still hard. Big practice in TRUST and letting go.

And so it begins. We are off on a big adventure. #roadtrip #oregonstyle #familyfun
Before preschool started, we took a big family trip and went camping, yurting, and vrbo-ing all around Oregon – mainly the coast. It was gorgeous. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the whole adventure unfold. Super fun.
Here are a couple of snapshots from our big adventure:

Our home for the night. Hello #oregoncoast #yurt!  Left home a few hours ago and I have a small case of monkey mind. Hoping I can ease into #vacationmode soon. #familyroadtrip #oregonstyle
We stayed in yurts a couple of nites….
We camped a couple of nites – popped up the vw bus and slept in there. Super adventurous, but I learned that I’m not sure I love camping for more than 3 nights! I much prefer a  cozy vrbo rental with a kitchen, and bed, and TUB.  But it’s good to step into adventure and roll with it and learn. 

The #oregoncoast is magic. #moody #beautiful #oregonroadtrip
Seriously, friends. The #oregoncoast is beautiful. I say we all meet up here and wander.
You just can’t beat the OR coast – one of my favorite place on earth. 
Morning walk to cafe. Loving the start of #autumn. #favoritetimeofyear
After two weeks on the road, we arrived home to Autumn. Best season of the year. 

Mom spruced up our porch for Autumn. #lovingit #grateful #howcuteisthat
My mom spruced up our front porch for the season. How cute is this? Really love this kind of stuff, but I never have the extra time. Feel grateful that she unleashes her creativity at our house. Speaking of my mom, she opened up her own Etsy shop. Go mom! You can check it out here

Happy Sunday from the land of mom's DIY pinwheels on our porch!
More mom creations for Operation Spruce Up Porch. LOVE! 
More soon! Sending out big hopes and love to all…
Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. mbi

    So happy for True that he has got you to teach him how to live. What a wonderful post on feeling our emotions. Thank you for this!

  2. Paula

    Hi Kelly, I love what you have written about feelings. It's so very true how we need to release them! Paula ๐Ÿ™‚


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