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Jan 7, 2013 | My Creative Practice

With Art in Motion, I share the visual journey through the life of one of my paintings — from the blank canvas, to the first splash of inspiration, all the way to the finished piece. Enjoy to the fullest!


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Started with a  24″ x 24″ blank canvas. Often, I’ll start by simply gluing a couple pieces of paper onto the canvas with gel medium (link below)…anything to break up the white silence staring back at me.


Lots of drippy wet paint and fingers running through it all. At this stage, the spray bottle is my BFF.


More texture with drippy paint effects, and a bit more big papers glued on. You can barely see the original papers glued on and the canvas has been rotated several times by now. Really fun stage…


Added in more texture with some big stencils and spray paint. Currently obsessed with stencils! Links below…

Another turn of the canvas, then little bit of lace, hearts, collage, more smudging of paint, and then it’s ready for…….


More color, then the last of the details: last minute collage elements, words (alphabet stamps + stencils), pencil work, white gel pen work, and more. And then it’s complete….
It turned out to be a love note. Love it when that happens. Original has sold, but signed/matted prints are available of this piece right here.
A little peek at what the studio looked like during its creation. I love love love a good painting mess.
I get so many questions about which art supplies I use and love. You can check out my favorite supplies for making art  (with descriptions) over here or if it’s easier, I’ve put some easy links below for you 🙂

Thank you guys. I hope you enjoyed a peek into the process!
Kelly Rae
PS: I’m working on a few art e-courses which will launch later this year. If you’re interested in getting messy with me during a fun art ecourse, be sure to sign up for my newsletter for upcoming information. It’s gong to be great. Promise.

Sending much love,

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  1. Helena Davey

    I love that you show this. I feel like artists are often too secretive in their work. Then again, I understand protecting trade secrets, but this really helps other budding artists 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Gloria Embid

    Sorry Kelly for calling you Rae. It's late in London and I am so mentally tired tonight. A long day at the office and a long evening playing with my 3 year old. I apologise again. Tks.

  3. Gloria Embid

    Dear Rae, this is an absolutely Beautiful piece of Art. A very soothing, balanced and harmonious colour scheme design. A total unison in delivering such a profound message. You are very talented lady. Thanks for keeping us inspired and motivated. LoL Glo.x

  4. Roxee

    Always look forward to seeing your art in motion. Its fabulous! And now e-courses! Cant wait! Thats assuming they will be available to us 'international' fans?? 🙂

  5. debbie h.

    Finally, what I have been waiting to hear, you are going to be teaching e-courses!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for them to start. I have wanted to take a class from you for so long and this is just the bestest, most greatest New Year's news you could have given me:) Thank you, thank you, thank you Kelly!!!

  6. Steph

    Thank you for sharung so freely!!!

  7. Sarah Evans

    I love your process here and the twists and turns you take to get to the final piece. Such freedom at the beginning is rare for me – I tend to have a good idea of what I'm about to make when I sit down to create.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  8. Leanne

    I absolutely love seeing the steps of any process, and I am always so surprised when the end piece looks so different than the beginning stages. The freedom in your creative process is so inspiring. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Shells

    Beautiful love note. I'm loving stencils at the moment too.


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