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Mar 9, 2009 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

brit 72dpi.jpg

the above painting was made by the young, vibrant, talented britt (who just started painting 12 weeks ago…omg!). i met her at the artnest where she took my class and painted this amazing piece. i loved it so much, i bought it on the last day of the retreat and brought it home with me. loved the colors, the crazy hair, the quiet face, and how britt’s creative voice + style shines even while trying out some new patchwork painting + oil paint techniques. in fact, i was delighted by all the art nesters in this regard – how every single painting that was born was uniquely stamped with the nesters own style, their own colors, expressions, and little touches. i really, really loved this part of the magic most of all. we are all artists. all of us. and taking classes is a way for us to try on new ideas, new styles, new techniques until our own style becomes more defined or challenged to expand. our creative possibilities yearn for it…..

speaking of classes and students, mati and i are teaming up to teach a 3 day class together at An Artful Journey – a lovely creative retreat held in the santa cruz mountains of california. over the course of the 3 days, students will create a funky chunky coffee table book filled with paintings, backgrounds, and experimental, playful works. we love the idea of this class and this retreat because it will be 3 full days with the same students creating and learning and making – all while nestled into a serene retreat environment. we can’t wait. the retreat is scheduled for feb, 2010 with registration beginning july, 2009. so, start planning…..we’d love to have you! all the details on registration and more can be found here.

in other news, john and i spent the weekend in our favorite city: portland. it was a bit of a romantic getaway with two nites at a fancy (but dog friendly) hotel in downtown. we ate well, wandered, argued + made up, made up some more with celebrations and discussions on love and life, and schemed about how we could permanently find ourselves back home in the city we most love. one day it will happen. until then, i’m loving seattle and all it’s offering us in this moment. in many ways, i can’t believe the state of our life. so much goodness. i worry sometimes (a lot sometimes) if/when the shoe will drop, when despair will enter our viewpoint. i find myself struggling to accept all the light and bliss, as if i can’t fully trust it. i’m working on it, but it’s unnerving ….to wrestle with accepting all that is right in my world, to not downplay it, to not be shy. this is the brave in love part that comes up for me. i’m learning. learning. learning.

Sending much love,

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