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Jan 21, 2014 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

Hello Atlanta. #viewfromhere #longtravelday #pooped #ithinkitisaferriswheel
(Atlanta! View from my hotel room.)

Feeling a little bit like I've been at a crossroads for several months. Today for some reason it feels like I've crossed over. Finally. Like the shifting has settled in a bit more into a place where the other side doesn't feel so new. #feelsgood #soulsett

Reason #762 that I love my husband. He made me a survival pack for the Atlanta gift show. Last year was the only year in six Januaries that I did not get VERY sick. Determined to make it another low stress year at the show! It's gonna be a great kick off
(My survival pack for the Atlanta gift show. It’s a crazy experience. One must come prepared:)
You guys! I went to the Atlanta gift show to launch our new products. It was a whirlwind of trip with lots of energy, lots of excitement in the showrooms this year, and so much eye-candy to see.
I wanted to give you a quick little photo tour and sneak peek at some of my new product displays that were in the Demdaco, Sylvestri, and Lang showrooms. These photos are not the best, but you’ll get the idea. These goodies are not quite in stores yet, but they’ll be available soon both online and offline. More info in the coming weeks. For now…..a little photo tour and peek! 
This was the main display of the new products in the Demdaco showroom. Gorgeous, no? Cory, the set designer, always blows it out of the park. And this year wasn’t any different. Love, love, love. Notice the large manifestos on the wall in the background. They are big, chunky, and gorgeous. 

Another sneakpeek at a new release with #demdaco. Loving this wooden decor piece! #kellyraeroberts
We introduced a ton of new chunky wooden home decor sculptures this season. I am LOVING how these turned out. They’re heavy, gorgeous, and the mixture of the wood with the colorful art makes me swoon. Cannot wait to put some of these in our house!


Here’s another wooden piece. Love! 

In love with our new love wooden sculpture and the heart too!!! #showroomtour #kellyraeroberts #demdaco

Here’s a couple more. Loving how the “love” artful word turned out. Also loving the chunky wooden heart. Friends, I love it when introduce new formats that make my heart swell πŸ™‚
Staying with the theme of wood, we made a lot of these mini-manifestos, inspired by my own manifesto. I’m loving how these turned out as well. Stackable, affordable, and petite. Love!


And of course, we have our wall art canvases – a big staple in my line. 
Another staple are the figures. We introduced three new figures at the show – not sure if you can see them above, but they are the three large floral ones toward the top. 


Had to share one more peek of showroom. New jewelry and fashion items (including new totes!) are awesome!

We also introduced a few more tote bags, and lots of jewelry, including a new line of birthstone necklaces, wrap bracelets, and more. 


This was the only jewelry photo I could get from the showroom, but loving this new vintage inspired necklace. More jewelry photos coming soon! 

This is an AMAZING new earring displayer. It’s large, holds a ton of earrings, and it’s lovely, lovely, lovely. 
We introduced our first ever garden line in Atlanta. Here’s a peek at how some of it was displayed. Cute, no? We’re calling it The Garden Of Possibilities…..

Can’t wait to show you guys more of this line. It turned out so great. Love it all! 



Cory did an amazing job with the all the displays, but I’m in love with this red piano that is a part of my holiday display. How grand is that? And the big tree with all the Kelly Rae ornaments. LOVE! 

The new holiday angels are breathtaking. Can’t wait to show you more of this line! 
New holiday ornaments are gonna blow your mind. #bestillmyheart #demdaco #sylvestri hoping you guys are enjoying the sneakpeek tour!

Swoon! The new ornaments are so sweet, my heart leapt at the site of this one in particular! 
So there you have it! A small peek at the showrooms. I’m glad to be home, and excited to keep on truckin in life, love, business. Loving this time of year. Always full of excitement (despite the sinus cold, right on cue).

More soon! 

Sending much love,

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