Apr 17, 2006 | Life in Progress

i think i’ve been feeling a little bit of post artfest blues. reality has begun to set in and has reminded me that i’ve got other things to attend to besides art. there just aren’t enough hours in the day for all that i’d like to accomplish. i very much value balance in my life, and for awhile it has felt a bit unbalanced. though i’ve been enjoying the ride, i need some rest. i’ve barely taken care of business for several weeks. john has been paying bills, grocery shopping, laundry, apartment shopping for our move to san fran, cleaning….all while i’ve been in la la land discovering the world of art and what it can mean in my life. he’s been incredibly supportive, never once wondering why i’ve become a slacker, and in fact, he’d tell you he’s enjoyed my newfound freedom from details. but i woke up the other day and snapped out of my daze and spent one entire day in an organizing frenzy. cleaning. laundry. making appts. scheduling upcoming trips. life. real things. tangible things. we’re moving to san francisco in 10 weeks and i have done nothing to get ready for it. i’ve barely thought about it. perhaps, because on some days i don’t really want to move at all. i’m happy in portland. and i’m not particularly looking forward to moving to a huge city, finding my people all over again, and fighting traffic in a city i don’t know. other days, i’m optimistic. i remind myself that this is what we wanted, what we’ve been working towards, and we actually got it! and this is a move in the direction we’ve wanted to go. but still, it doesn’t make it easy, as the reality of leaving portland, and all of our friends, draws nearer. so, the having balance in my life is my priority again. to me this means getting more sleep, reading more, learning to let that painting wait another day or two before i get to it, calling that friend that i’ve been thinking about all day, making those appts that have been piling up, doing the dishes and laundry, writing a letter, maybe some cooking here and there. you know, life. balance. it feels good when it’s well rounded.

last nite, laini and jim had me and john over for dinner, along with liz, her husband John, and laini’s bestfriend alexandra.
they are such a lovely couple. both incredibly down to earth and imaginative and funny. not only are they incredibly talented artists and writers, but they have incredible decorating and cooking capabilities. you should see their home. incredible.
and alexandra is so incredibly sweet that i just wish i had more time to chat with her. she was so complimentary of my art, that she had me blushing. and talk about writing talent, she’s so got it!
it was really great to see liz and have that connection that she was at artfest with me, that she is on this journey with me. her husband is hilarious and makes talking about physics fun and interesting (he teaches AP Physics) and makes one wish he was their teacher! it was a good nite of wine, conversation, and we all left wondering and pondering “do people in comas snore?” – a question jim asked at one point and it had me in more chuckles.

Sending much love,

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  1. chest of drawers

    How lucky are you guys to actually spend time with each other in the flesh!!!

  2. liz elayne

    Oh i how much fun we had! i miss you all already and can’t wait to get together again soon!
    i think we should chat it up on the phone tomorrow (oh it is late…i guess i mean later today).
    the artfest blues…hmmm. i bet there are lots of people experiencing this, and i know i am one of them. i haven’t had time to really create at all. i keep saying it is because i am stuck but really it is because i am having the hardest time balancing all the i need to do. maybe this week i will figure it out a little bit.


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