illustration friday – spotted

Apr 17, 2006 | Life in Progress

10×14, mixed media on watercolor paper. it reads “be silly.”

i think you could SPOT this booty from miles away. a few years ago, my friend Kat taught be about “booty-do’s” and i have never forgotten it, and it still make me laugh. A “booty-do” is when your tummy sticks out more than your booty do. hilarious, i know. anyways, my girl here has the opposite of a booty-do. i think she looks a bit like carmeron diaz, if i do say so myself, which is funny because isn’t cameron all about booty dancing and silliness? being silly. one of my favorite pastimes. i’m probably the most silly with my friend Kimmie, who is pregnant by the way. we have all sorts of booty jokes and skits. and it never gets old, to us anyways. i’m pretty sure we’re annoying to everyone else during our laughing fits.

Sending much love,

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  1. justjohanna

    oh, kelly! everything you do just gets better and better! i’m having a fantastic time observing your journey!

  2. cristosova

    silliness is my favorite excuse for having a blog 😉

    this is a very adorable mixed media production. there is something so right on in the girl´s face, she is unafraid of looking you in the eye, presenting who she is. the color scheme is grand!

  3. Bron Smith

    You have a very unique drawing and watercolor style. I like it.

  4. carla

    She’s a beauty, even with that bodacious booty! I love the clors! The background texture is wonderful and glowing, and her dress is so pretty with its green and pink patterns. And yes…she does look a bit like cameron Diaz..not a bad thing at all:> I love you big bellied mama below too..what a beautiful tribute to your pregnant friends!

  5. shoofly

    booty-do! that is too funny! love your work and all the texture!

  6. tiffinix

    Wonderful colors! I love the booty! Your patterns are gorgeous! Fabulous piece of art! Just wonderful.

  7. Lauren

    Love the colors and the patterns. Reminds me of Klimt.

  8. andrea

    …her eyes and hair look like you. So pretty and love the Jlo butt. 🙂

  9. Jessie

    I love the colors! Lately, I find myself attracted to every shade of pink–and so this piece satisfied all my pink cravings! 🙂

    I love the photos of artfest and your dinner with liz and laini and everyone…you look like you were having fun–and I think I’m a little jealous :)-

    I love your art–all of it!

  10. Rrramone

    Nice work and nice booty! 🙂

  11. Hotwire

    very pretty!

  12. zordis

    This is so cool and funny booty-do´s … I love the pregnant one, the birds always find a place to sit on!

    Must be fun doing the mixed media!!!

    Would like to try that, my oils and pastels are the only thing in my life BUT this is so interesting with a beautiful touch!

    Kind regards from sunny Spain

  13. ValGalArt

    oh kelly thank you for sharing the booty-do! that is the funnest saying! this girl has your signature style,whimsy and a nice big booty!!! Wonderful work!

  14. Anonymous

    absolutely gorgeous. these are beautiful, love your blog. everyone’s smiles are contagious.


  15. Joy Eliz

    booty-do….how funny!
    this picture does look like Diaz.
    Love it!

  16. Alexandra S

    I’ve just read through your last 3 posts and thank you so much for all the kind words! I loved meeting you and your husband as well and can’t believe you are moving away so soon! It really is a shame. BUT at least I still get to see your art on your blog and keep up to date this way! These last 2 paintings are so wonderful. I don’t even have a favorite at this point it seems-they ALL are beautiful. Paint away!

  17. vicci

    Love this Kelly…especially the colors! AND..I also love all the great photos that you posted…everybody looks WONDERFUL!

  18. Jules

    Great illo and story.

  19. melba

    I am glad I found your blog through Liz. You are an incredible artist. I absolutely love these last few paintings and posts. I’m hooked!

  20. Patricia

    Love the colours and the textures… Great work!

  21. Laini Taylor

    Love it Kelly! Love the booty. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of your originals in person because they look like they have such a tactile quality in the backgrounds. I love that. Great colors, too.


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