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Aug 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

Friends, after 6 weeks of not making it to my usual sweat it out sessions at the gym, I made it back. This is me post workout at my favorite cafe. Ahhhh, I’m back.

Did I tell you that I’ve had awful vertigo for many weeks? Add in summer schedules, travel, packing, sorting, and moving, well, my fitness took a backseat.

Wellness and wellbeing are all encompassing and although I haven’t been sweating it out, I have been taking care of myself in other ways. Hello, sleep & rest & breath & self-kindness & soul care. I honor these things as they have buoyed me along.

For me, a big part of sweating it out is management of anxiety. It helps me sleep better. It helps my mood and ability to manage a ton of things. It makes me happier. So I’m happy to be back.

Sending love to all of you. And if you’re in a season of transition, extra love. Be good to yourself. XO

Sending much love,

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  1. Jeanne Sternenberg

    Take care of yourself. I have had bouts of vertigo off and on for over 25 years. I always thought it was inner ear issues, finally a Dr. told me to go buy Meclizine, I keep the bottle in my make up bag so I always have it. Usually a 1/2 tablet will take care of it in no time! Good luck and slow down!

  2. Pam

    That vertigo is nasty stuff. Get your vitamin D level checked. Also, there is something called “Bonine” that is sold over the counter for this. I keep it with me! It’s no wonder you have been dizzy with all you have going on. Will be praying for deliverance.

  3. Robin Black

    Big love to you, Kelly Rae! I hope you love Sisters as much as I do!


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