Friends, after 6 weeks of not making it to my usual sweat it out sessions at the gym, I made it back. This is me post workout at my favorite cafe. Ahhhh, I’m back.

Did I tell you that I’ve had awful vertigo for many weeks? Add in summer schedules, travel, packing, sorting, and moving, well, my fitness took a backseat.

Wellness and wellbeing are all encompassing and although I haven’t been sweating it out, I have been taking care of myself in other ways. Hello, sleep & rest & breath & self-kindness & soul care. I honor these things as they have buoyed me along.

For me, a big part of sweating it out is management of anxiety. It helps me sleep better. It helps my mood and ability to manage a ton of things. It makes me happier. So I’m happy to be back.

Sending love to all of you. And if you’re in a season of transition, extra love. Be good to yourself. XO

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