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Aug 17, 2018 | Kelly Rae Moves To Sisters, Life in Progress

For the last many days we’ve been settling into our temporary digs (staying with my parents while our house hits the market). I am reminded how big transitions tire us, how it takes a good while for our hearts and minds and bodies to adjust. I’ve been taking good care of myself – lots of good sleep, water, sweat sessions at the gym, and just good old fashioned downtime. I also took a few days away from emails and work and such.

Meanwhile, our home has been emptied, interiors repainted, and is getting staged this week.
We are very lucky (and grateful) to have a soft landing spot for a few/many weeks at my parent’s home. Amelia and Lulu are happy to have a huge big backyard. True is happy to have one of his besties a few houses down, and John and I are happy to have the comfort of our parents home.

That’s my life in progress update, ya’ll. I’m excited to fall a little bit more into a regular flow this week, so I’ll see you a bit more in this space.

Big love,
Kelly Rae⠀

Click here if you’re interested in reading the full story of our move.


Sending much love,

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  1. Dianne nash

    God bless you all and may this next adventure be peaceful and happy.

  2. Aletha Riter

    Dearest Kelly

    Would it be possible that you could email
    me your address so I can send you snail
    Thank you
    Aletha Riter

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Oh you’re so kind! You can find our PO box on our contact page!

  3. Sophia Anderson-Lee

    Kelly Rae, You are Sooooooo the Archetypal Possibilitarian….and I so want to thank you for mirroring for all of us the amazing possibilities that come with making the momentous decision to transition away from the life you have spent years building around an amazing home,lifestyle and business in Portland.

    And now, you are on an amazing journey to reinvent what life can be for the three of you, in a completely new set and setting. So many possibilities…such richness of experience as you create the next arch of your lives!

    And I am deeply grateful that you have invited all of us to witness and learn from this great adventure the three of you are on.

    I’d also like to ask commenter Diana Keith if it would be possible to contact her
    regarding her new incarnation as a “Life Change Coach”. My husband and I will be retiring together in the next year or so, and we are excited about making the same kind of momentous life changes that you and John and True… and your wonderful parents as well, are making together. It would be such a gift to be able to work with someone who could help “midwife” this huge life-change that we are so excited about. If Diane is open to exploring this possibility, she can contact me at

    A giant hug to you and the family….we’re excited to follow your journey to Three sisters!

    Warm Regards,


    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you so much, Sophia! I am unsure about Diane, I suggest responding to her comment directly!

  4. Diana Keith


    I have not been to your blog in a while Kelly. WOW! Congrats on all the wonderful changes!

    So happy for you! We move every seven months which lets us travel the world with our twin eight year old boys so I understand “Letting go”.

    That said, adventure versus a sense of home is a constant pull. I see you having a farm or ranch someday where you can host art retreats and coach on soul changes.

    You have been an amazing coach to me through your blog over the years. Because of you, I just decided to go back into business. A life change coach this time instead of the management consultant I once was.

    All the best and thank you!


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