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Mar 25, 2007 | Life in Progress

i love this old photo of her. she looks so annoyed that i’m taking her photo, like “c’mon already!”

thank you for your thougths and well wishes. bella is going to be ok. she’s more alert today. yesterday afternoon she literally passed out when she tried to stand up. just collapsed and blacked out right there in front of me. scared the bajeevies out of me. john and i aroused her, gave her some water from our hands, and watched her closely. she seems ok today. she’s certainly still in pain, but moving and walking, albeit slowly. she’s wagging her tail a little and begging for human food, so i know she’s fine. her underbelly and side are completely black & blue and it takes her a bit to find a comfortable position. but she’s going to be ok. i can leave for washington in a couple of days and know that i’ll come home to her waiting for me. thank goodness.

Sending much love,

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  1. Linda

    Oh gosh… I’m soooo happy to read your sweet bella is going to be OK. Give her snuggle from me.

  2. Jim Di Bartolo

    SO glad she’s going to be okay! She’s such a sweety. Give her and John hugs and high-fives from me and Laini!


  3. deirdre

    I’m glad your doggie is feeling better. She looks like a sweetie.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m so glad that she is doing better. big *hugs* How scary that must have been for you! – tali

  5. myumblog

    bella! i am glad bella is doing better…thank goodness. xox-M

  6. Julie H

    Oh that poor wee baby – I just caught up with the news.

    Give her a nose scratch for me, and hugs to you as I know how difficult it is for the Mama and Papa!

  7. cheeky

    yippee! so glad she’s begging for people food. that’s always a good sign.
    and she is sweetness.
    mwwaaahhh . . . to bella.

  8. penny

    hi kelly, i’m new to your blog but have been an avid visitor since i discovered it. just wanted to say ‘yay for bella’. we have two dogs and they are literally our babies, so i can really empathise with how you must have been feeling. i hope bella continues on the road to a speedy recovery. she is *gorgeous*!!

  9. Radha a.k.a Ratlion

    Hi..I’m a regular visitor to your blog, though this is the first time I’m posting a comment…I have a 2 year old labrador called ‘Leo’ who I’m currently missing terribly (He lives in another city with mom 🙂 ) and so I get what you mean in your last post…anyhoo! Just had to say that you have a beautiful dog and I’m rooting for her..glad to hear she’s doing well. Hoorah for Bella!

  10. Judy Wise

    *big sigh*

    Thank you for the reassuring update.


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