Sep 7, 2018 | Life in Progress

See how happy I am when I get to hang out with my friend, Beth Kempton? When your face scrunches up in glee, you KNOW you’re in good company.

I not only get the privilege of knowing this dear woman, but CELEBRATING her. We met when she traveled across the world to attend one of my retreats 8 years ago and here we are all of these years later journeying through biz, motherhood, collaboration, and more.

Beth just released her second book called Wabi Sabi and I want the entire world to know about it. So this is me, shouting it from the rooftops: “GO GET THIS BOOK!”

You know how NOTHING IS WASTED? How all of your life’s moments and seemingly disconnected points along your path come together to serve the very moment you are in?

Beth has had a fascination and love affair with Japan, it’s people, it’s beauty, it’s language for over 20 years. She has lived there, studied there, speaks the language, and has an intimate connection with its essence of celebrating imperfect beauty. Now in her 40s, after traversing many different paths that seemed disconnected to her love of Japan, she has brought it all together on the page, perfectly timed for her career as a brilliant writer. Nothing is wasted, ever. Full integration.

I have read this book and I hope you do, too. It’s a gorgeously written guide of all that Beth has learned about the concept of wabi sabi and how it can help us slow down, and center ourselves in the stillness of exquisite beauty that exists right now, in this moment, in this imperfect mess of being alive.

Proud of you, Beth. Thank you for following all the whispers that have led to this moment. Your coming home to yourself through the concepts of Wabi Sabi inspires up to do the same.

PS: Beth also recently interviewed Mati Rose and I. Click here for details!

PPS: Come check out our monthly collaboration,Hello Soul Hello Business, over here!

Sending much love,

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