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Oct 10, 2009 | Life in Progress

another favorite
(me, gina, and our husbands on my wedding day. she and her husband brian married us which made it super meaningful)
i’ve known gina 23 years. we were 12 when we met, barely into the 7th grade. i remember the moment i met her, when i thought she was so pretty, so wise, so unlike the other 12 years olds on that first day of school. and she was. throughout the years, especially when we were teenagers and in our 20s, she was my saving grace, the sage, the person who often told me i wasn’t broken, that i was more than my struggle. i believed her.
as we grew older and more like sisters, she was the person who gave me space when i needed to grow up, when i needed to go my own way, when i needed to really investigate who i was when we weren’t together. through the years, our hearts have always remained connected. we’ve never not been in one another’s lives, and we’ve always understood the other’s story, and needs, and joys. there is something tremendously comforting about having a sister friend who knew you when you were an obnoxious teenager, who knows your family through and through, who has witnessed what your struggles have been, and who clearly sees how far you’ve come.
i believe in choosing our family of intention – our friends, our tribe, our soul sisters. for me, this all started when i was 12 years old, when i met gina, when i began to understand that friendship had the ability to make us feel settled and at home in our spirits no matter what else was happening in our lives. and that our friendships – the people we choose to surround ourselves with – gracefully hold the divide between all the experiences we travel through in our lives.
ps-the winner of the giveaway is sara of soul spackle! sara, get in touch with me so we can get your book out to you!

Sending much love,

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