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Apr 8, 2006 | Life in Progress

i’ve been home now for several days, but my mind and my heart are still in port townsend, washington. i’m waking up each morning with visions of artfest still fresh in my mind from dreams i’m having each nite. the inspiration continues…

most of my pieces are approx 10×14, but this little one is small, just about 5×5. and today, i went to Homie’s and bought several 10×10 pieces of wood. i’m very excited to paint on wood. we’ll see how it goes. i’ll be in my dining room-turned-studio all day tomorrow. but first, running season starts for me tomorrow at 8am with PortlandFit. 5 miles. it’s been awhile. jessica & sarah are meeting me there. i’m nervous.

i spent the morning getting packages ready for shipment, including the final projects for alena’s book. finally, they’re off to the publisher. i also had a couple of late art trades to mail out, and some gifts. eight items in all. my dear friend sarah went with me to UPS and let me just say it was the most hectic mailing experience of my life. i have completely lost my detail oriented self and she has been replaced with a self that keeps little notes on radom pieces of paper, scattered thoughout her brown leather backpack, to remind her of, well, everything. so there i am, at the counter, with several people waiting behind me, pulling out various peices of random clippings from my bag with names, addresses, ups account numbers. not to mention i was that lady calling on her cell phone, at the last minute, to get an address, while i’m up at the counter! yikes! what has happend to me? so funny. and i won’t even tell you about the time i bought groceries, only to drive all the way home before i realized i had left all of the groceries at the check out counter. oh my. i wonder how i’ll handle children. i guess i’ve got some time to get it together! i will say, i am a much, much more relaxed person since giving up some control. i’m enjoying my flakiness, i suppose. though some friends of mine will tell you i’ve always been flaky. perhaps i’m just now embracing it.

after running errands with sarah (so much more fun with a friend), we went to the Eastbank Esplanade and enjoyed the water, the view, our hot tea, and our conversation. i’m going to miss my dear friends, and this city so much. such treasures..

Sending much love,

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  1. Sarah e.Smith

    I love this piece. The colors are so vibrant and invoke such warm feelings of pring. Beautiful work! I look forward to seeing what other paintings on wood you create!


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