running blues

Apr 9, 2006 | Life in Progress

jessica, sarah, and i went for our five mile run this morning in the freezing cold and rain. we are troopers to say the least. just after mile 1 i had problems with numbness – something that also happened earlier this week in the grocery store – where my entire left leg, starting from the toes up, goes densely, and i’m talking densely, numb. not painful, but it feels like there is some tissue swelling in the calf region and i can feel the blood supply stop, and my leg becomes incredibly heavy. after several minutes of slow and intentional walking, the blood rushes back into my leg, but not strong enough to continue running. strange sensation. worrisome to me, so i’ll be finding myself a doctor this week. i’ve been having issues with numbing toes the last several weeks, so i suppose it’s best to get myself checked out. the whole thing sucks as i was really looking forward to running season! last year i ran my first half marathon, just before my 30th, and i was so looking forward to it again this summer. so, i don’t think this will be my year for running.

i am thankful, though, for waking up early and getting out in the wet and cold as it gave me a chance to finally spend some time with jessica. i miss seeing her for our weekly runs so is was such a treat to see her this morning for some good conversation as we walked the remaining 4 miles in the windy rain. the other day i was thinking about my journey into artmaking and realized that running long distances last year, something i never dreamt i could do – and believe me, gina and my mom got sick and tired of me calling each and every saturday exclaiming “i just ran 10 miles. 11 miles. 13 miles.” and so on – really led me to where i am now. i didn’t know it then, but it was gave me a stronger sense of possibilities for myself. so jessica was with me during that whole running experience, all the highs each and every saturday, and now she’s my biggest fan in the art world. i love her honesty, her spirit of staying true to herself, never compromising her integrity. she is a treasure to me, someone who is bonded to me and to one of my best and most proud experiences in this life. as i find myself saying frequently, i’m one lucky girl.

Sending much love,

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  1. Michelle Johnson

    I just stumbled across your blog through Inspire Me Thursday. Wow. I loved your insite into Artfest, I have been dreaming of going now for two years, but am afraid to go by myself. Your blog reminds me that maybe I wouldn’t be the only one coming alone and that I would have the chance to meet up with other like-minded people. Thanks! Also, I hope the numbness in your foot and leg clears up for you or isn’t serious. I have a similar problem (I think) but haven’t had the nerve or desire to go to the doc. Good luck to you! Also, I love your art on your site. Great use of color. I will check back often.

  2. Susan Williamson

    LOVE your blog Kellyrae! Of course I remeber you from Artfest and I really enjoyed reading about your take on things there. By the way, your 10 x 14″ canvases are very cool!


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