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May 14, 2007 | Life in Progress

on canvas
for sale on my etsy

my momma as a girl.

i just love this photo of her in her little helmut. darling.

my mom is many things. laughter that you can hear on the other end of the house. a friend to so many people that once, a couple of years ago when she was home from work sick with the flu, i witnessed a different friend each and everyday for several days in a row show up at her house with meals for every meal of the day. she has so many friends. and they love her dearly. my mom is creativity unleashed. you would die if you saw her house. not only is it creatively and gorgeously decorated (complete with self upholstered chairs, couches, curtains, and more, like something out of your favorite decorating magazine), but she gives function to seemingly non-functional things. you walk around her house saying things like ‘oh my, that is such a good idea!” or “look at that” or “geez mom, no wonder people pay you to decorate their houses!” when i think of her, i feel a well of pride inside. this woman, my mom, has been through the ringer in her life. i’m talking serious stuff. stuff that could easily break a person’s spirit and she’s come out the other side a woman with an energy and a spirit that makes me melt. it’s quite hard for me to be mad at her. in fact, i can’t remember the last time i was the teeniest bit angry with her. so momma, happy mother’s day, not just today but everyday.

brooke and zach, sister + brother, old friends
it was a great weekend of time spent in the studio, time spent with our visiting friends, and a day in the city touring san fran’s mission district open studios. i have to say, though, of all the artwork i saw today wandering through all the open studios, my friend mati’s was my favorite. i’m not just saying it because i’m biased. it’s the truth. i wish i had my camera with me. all the artwork, the artists, and the streets of the mission are just full to the brim with photo ops. it’s an eclectic district with great food, art, people, and graffiti.

here’s a sneak peek at a piece for the book (omg, the book!):

Sending much love,

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  1. jenifer74

    i wondered why you looked familiar to me; i think i’ve seen photos of you on mati’s blog? i was wandering around mission open studios & met mati (& of course, loved her work too!). your previous post about your acupuncturist was very moving…blog world is interesting when it collides & folds over on one another & each other — & new blogs merge into the horizon & open up windows into even more strong women artists who live in this area…

    anyways, just saying hello! 🙂

  2. Tatterededge

    Kelly, I wanted to leave you a comment on your post recent post, but I couldn’t figure out how, so I am leaving it here.

    You said
    “…only to be told i have been forever marked from traumatic experiences. and it will always be there. so, to have it come up today, in such a way that was both beautiful and undeniable all at once was hard for me.”

    One of my most favourite quote is from a line of music and I think of it often. It speaks to what you were saying today:
    “Ring the bell that still can ring.
    Forget your perfect offering.
    There’s a crack that shows in everything-that’s how the light gets in.”

    No cracks, no light.

  3. cheeky

    Something really magical about bliss. The colour seems to jump out more than any other, for me. Really love this one.
    Sweet tribute to your mama. The old photo is so much fun.

  4. kelly

    kellygirl….you are killing me!
    all these new pieces and the colors, oh the colors! i can’t make a decision if i had too. they
    are so strong and happy. i am simply drooling.

    i love old vintage pictures, such innocense…not like today’s world.

    happy monday!


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