bright as yellow

Oct 2, 2006 | Life in Progress

i’ve been feeling a bit disconnected lately. a bit distant. if you can believe it, i’m still adjusting to the move, the changes, the new job, everything. i have not yet connected to this place, and i keep wondering when i will finally feel at home.

i am a bit homesick, especially now that i know autumn has arrived in the northwest. here, the colors haven’t arrived yet, and i wonder if they will. it’s still terribly sunny and warm here. we’ve been here for 10 weeks and virtually no rain. can you believe it? everyday is sunny. maybe a small amount of fog in the mornings and that’s it. sunshine. everyday. seriously, i can’t believe i’m expressing dissatisfaction with the gorgeous weather of california, but once you’ve made a connection with the rainy northwest climate, you really do start to miss it.

lucky for me, i’m going home to portland on tuesday for an entire week, and i couldn’t be more excited about it. i hope this trip will rejuvenate me, inspire me, and give me enough creative energy to last through the holidays. i am so looking forward to seeing my dear friends, making new friends at art and soul, not to mention all that i’m going to learn at this retreat. oh, and there will be many visits to all my old favorite restaurants, neighborhoods, shops. and i’ll be sure to drive down NE 38th street to see all the canopied maple trees that i’m sure are bright, bright, bright as yellow.

Sending much love,

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  1. Carol

    We used to live in the Bay Area and moved to Seattle 15 years ago. I will never leave the Northwest. It’s just not supposed to be 75 degrees on Christmas Day!! I totally relate to what you’re saying…


  2. Amber

    Man, I hate that feeling of not feeling at home. Yuck-o. I hope you start to feel it soon, but I know it can really take time. I still miss the town we moved from almost seven years ago with all my heart!!

    I hope you have fun on you rtrip, and be safe. Take pictures to blog.


  3. lisa s

    I can’t wait to see you! It is starting to turn all the lovely colors you can imagine here in Portland! Our fun days together are almost here Kelly! YAY!!! See you next week!

  4. Alexandra S

    I’m so looking forward to seeing you Saturday! Also, do you need a ride from the airport? I assume J&L have you covered but just wanted to ask. today it is actually supposed to be 84 in Portland. We’ve only had 2-3 days of rain since you left. Its still so warm!! I hope you feel cozy and warm about the Bay Area soon, it certainly does take some time, but just don’t get too cozy because Portland is your true home!

  5. Clare Jane

    Connecting to a new place takes time if it happens at all. We have been in NYC for nearly a year and I still have moments of asking myself why I am here. My feelings actually got a little hurt recently when Rich said he was glad we left Seattle and live here. I couldn’t believe he would say such a thing! Where was his loyalty?! Yet other days, I look around and think, I live in New York City – hot damn! Allow yourself those shades of gray.


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