Oct 2, 2006 | Life in Progress

i am feeling a shift inside me. this happens sometimes. i think. i wonder. i feel the push and pull of the forces inside.

i feel quiet.

i’m leaving tomorrow for a week of color. of bright conversations. of big hugs (i’m really missing those). a week of familar smiles. but also new smiles, new friends.

i am nervous, just as i was earlier this year before artfest. the same kind of nervousness. the same kind of anticipation. and the same feelings of something shifting inside. something important. something needed.

i’ll take my camera, and my favorite journal, and i will tell the story as it becomes real. my story. my shifting, real, twisty, nervous, butterflies-in-my-tummy story.

i’ll be back here a week from now with stories to tell and photos to share…

Sending much love,

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  1. Alexandra S

    You are already missed here in Portland ) : I’ll have Laini take a photo of your painting asap for my blog AND Claudia’s pillow!

  2. Jes

    Kelly…HAVE FUN SISTA”! I am so jealous!

    And I love the new banner!

  3. melba

    I hope you had fun and I am really interested in hearing about your experience and seeing pictures. Living on the East coast with two toddlers makes it pretty impossible for me to attend any of these amazing art adventures in the west(at least for the next few years; if only I had a private jet that could bring me there and back quickly… I could be away for the days of the actual events, but it is the traveling that adds so much time and pushes me over the acceptable time I can spare to be away from my children)

  4. tejae

    Enjoy creating!! Can’t wait to read your post when you get back. We want to hear all about it!

  5. ruby

    oh, i am excited for you! i hope you have a wonderful adventure…

  6. Teresa

    Oh what fun!! Can’t wait to see your pictures! Have a wonderful, inspiring time!


  7. Darlin' T

    I was just at I Heart Rummage in Seattle this weekend and bought a print and a pin from Carla Sonheim…she’s going to be at Art & Soul. Her work kind of reminds me of yours.

  8. liz elayne

    i can’t wait to hear everything. you are going to have an amazing experience!!!

    hugs and love to you,


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