art and soul day 7

Oct 10, 2006 | Life in Progress

finally, day 7

i saved the best for last and took DJ’s class on my last day. oh my. not only is she incredible, but the classes she teaches are amazing. these are two small pieces i made in her class using her very inventive technique of using liquid clay sculpey layered with your recycled art, fabrics, and embellishments. so fun

on my lunch break, i drove up to rocky butte where the views of the mountain and city were out. it was a gorgeous fall day. i don’t know if it was exhaustion, or the fact that i would be heading back to california in a few hours and leaving this place i call home, or what, but i was emotional. maybe it was the force of this event. this happened at artfest, too. these retreats are emotional for me in that i feel at home with these people. i’m where i’m supposed to be. it feels right. but then it’s over. and that just feels rather harsh. so, i let the tears come, and quickly they left, and back to class i went, and then to the airport, and then to oakland, my new home. it was wonderful seeing john and bella. i had missed them both, and truly, wherever they are is my home.

and on a side note, i just have to say that another airport good samaritan came to my rescue when i left by driver’s license and boarding pass in the restroom at the portland airport. how silly is that? they called my name over the intercom and everything. obviously, i have problems with keeping important items with me at airports. what does it all mean? the more art i do, the more i get into this world, the flakier i become. and i don’t seem to mind at all.

and i slept for 11 whole hours the nite arrived home. the aches are gone. the exhaustion is gone. i’m left with incredible memories, ideas, and inspiration to last a good long while.

the city


mount hood

Sending much love,

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  1. julie collings

    so fun to meet you at lunch and read through your amazing week at art and soul. such lovely pieces you made in dj’s class. your felted purse turned out really well, did you hear what happened to A’s purse? she is a nut!
    best of luck getting ready for your show and please post photos of the pieces you are taking!

  2. Lisa

    It all sounds so wonderful. As a new fan, I’m happy for you but also really happy you’re home. 🙂

  3. gina

    Now I’m crying with you on Rocky Butte looking out at our fair city. We will always look this way at PDX…things happened there, important things that changed us and pushed us and formed us into the women we are still becoming. How lucky we are to have shared dear old PDX. Love you!

  4. Judy Wise

    OK, now I’m really jealous. What you made in DJ’s class is just awesome! I want to take that class too! Seriously, you worked very hard and learned so much and had such a great time. Isn’t it all wonderful? It was so good to have you back in Porland for awhile. Thank you for all the beautiful posts about Art and Soul. I felt like I was with you as you made your rounds. It is really a gift to accompany such a fun person (you!) and to get a glimpse into your experiences.


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