This child. Did I ever tell you that we had his natal chart read by my favorite astrologer ever (Carol Ferris – google her!)? I highly recommend chart readings for families. It’s a great parenting tool and it’s also a great way to see all the ways in which we are compatible and where we need extra attention with one another.

True has a grand water trine in his natal chart that then forms into a kite. He is water water water all over the place. (I am fire fire fire all over the place.) He has empathy in spades, a teacher, and is extremely fair. He has an innocence that is both terrifying for us parents and INSPIRING. He truly can’t grasp why anyone would want to cause harm. His heart is tender. He is social, chatty, chatty, chatty – mostly in a teacherly tone of sharing. I have yet to witness him wake up in a foul mood (He is the king of “Rise And Sunshine!”) and he is unreasonably easy going. And also wild. And he loooovveeees home and hanging out with us.

He’s not perfect, none of us are. But he is a bright, stunning, radiant light in my world. Love, love, and all the love.

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