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Jan 9, 2006 | Life in Progress

i FINALLY finished James Frey’s book, A Million Little Pieces. i loved the last 3rd of the book so much. i cried when he wrote about seeing Lilly for the last time. How he would always remember her standing in the hallway smiling and staring at him and crying. and i finished that book just feeling so damn proud of him. and inspired. now i’m on to Augusten Burroughs’, Running with Scissors.

How does one fit everything in to one’s life? reading books. creating art. running. yoga. cooking. working. time alone. time with friends. time with their Love. time keeping up with family and friends who live faraway and keeping the true connection alive. time pampering the dog, let alone yourself. time for traveling. time for laundry and paying bills and cleaning. time for having fun in the mix of having endless errands to run. no matter how well i think i have simplified my life, i want it simpler. i need to try harder. i’m coming to the realization that i can’t have all of the above all of the time. hell, how do people have kids? i am amazed and inspired by women who have young children yet maintain a balance of caring for them, and caring for and nuturing themselves. i’m sure it can’t be easy.

Sending much love,

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  1. garrett

    Whoops actually it was “Magical Thinking” I was talking about there, another of his books. Hopefully “Running with Scissors” is better.

  2. Garrett

    Let me know what you think about “Running with Scissors”. I thought it was a little much, and not very funny- that was after two chapters. I found myself bookless and read another 3 or so and had to move on.

  3. britt

    kelly..this is something i struggle for too. i heard some older people (age 50?) talking at the gym the other day – saying “if you work hard you have the money to do things you want to do, but not the time – if you don’t work hard, you have the time, but not the money.” it’s a hard balance – and seems to be one that doesn’t go away. good luck in searching for yours!


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