business slumber party and other thankfuls

Apr 16, 2008 | Life in Progress

so, mati and i had a total working slumber party at my place last night. it was her idea, and i’m thinking they are the best thing ever. our evening included wine, an italian meal (while we continued to daydream about this italian adventure), a shameless viewing of The Bachelor (we’re thinking shane is pretty adorable with her blush brush out on the slopes), and girlie “omg’s” as we unapologetically watched more than one episode of The Hills (spencer = eww). it’s been awhile since i’ve had a slumber party at my place. it was so much joy.

today, all day from morning to evening, we sat by the windows in the white wicker chairs and worked. it was a business date, side by side, as we schemed, plotted, dreamed, made lists, sent emails, and promised to hold one another accountable to our goals. we took breaks to eat, go for a walk (on which we discovered a pretty big secret garden so secret i never noticed it before – and it’s directly across the street!), and discuss matters of the heart. it was a productive day. a friendship day. a really good day. totally going to have more of those.

more thankfuls:
1. john and i celebrated 9 years together last week. i was in a haze (sick) but we’ll celebrate this weekend. i am so proud of us – more on that later.
2. a long conversations with my bff gina and with my friend stephanie – both ladies who totally understand my neuroses.
3. for change. that we change and evolve and grow up and out and all of that is ok. i’m really loving the idea that it’s ok to move on in ways that are good for us, even if it means we’re leaving something behind – that that ‘something’ served a very good purpose at a specific time in our lives, and now it’s ok to move ahead without it. it’s a way of honoring all meaningful bits and pieces of a life even when the meaning isn’t so full or present anymore. it all matters.

Sending much love,

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  1. Katrina

    this is absolutely adorable! i love that you had a “working slumber party”. super duper good. (and i’m glad you are feeling better and john’s schedule is letting up and all the rest). xoxoooh.

  2. Boho Girl

    ps. i also wanted to say i so resonate with your previous post about letting go. i felt this coming back from vacation last night. i now just need to figure out which things to let go of that cause me anxiety or stress.

    it seems to be much of the same you listed here.

    thank you for this encouragement and hand holding through this journey.


  3. Boho Girl

    mmmm…what a beautiful slumber party. i felt as though i was there…snuggling up in those wicker chairs working or on the couch giggling through the Bachelor.

    thank you for sharing it with us. i heart girl nights/days like this.

    your home is so refreshing, always.

    and congrats on 9 romantic years with your hubby.

    hope you feel better, love…


  4. stacy

    kelly your office space is gorgeous. I’m still collaging on the kitchen table, yet things are happening. I have a piece I love, it happened…it’s happening.

  5. Julie H

    My heart swelled with happiness for you as I read this post – sometimes a perfect day does take a little planning and you did it.

  6. Nic Hohn

    These times together make all the challenges worthwhile.
    Sending you love

  7. lela

    oh! please email me at selwaystudios at yahoo dot com


  8. lela

    what is the limit of participants in your workshop?
    how many people have signed up so far?

    see, i’ve asked for your workshop for my 40th birthday gift from my husband, but we have to work out his vacation/kid care while i’m gone.

    i just don’t want to miss out if i can help it!


  9. Ms Dragonfly

    yes, we must let go. congrats for you and your hubby, so wonderful! girls night in sounded fun! πŸ™‚

  10. Patti G.

    Your day sounded great! Even though you have work to accomplish, you find a way to do it wiht arty style! πŸ™‚ I wish you the best in Italy, I know there is MUCH work , planning etc. that go into teaching and you will do GREAT! Have fun and be yourself and everyone will love you!
    I am still watching your etsy for “Gentle Thoughts” hoping she shows up in print there soon!
    Hugs, Patti

  11. Cynthia

    That sounds like such a wonderful work day! The wings of inspiration have you sailing along quite nicely it seems!

  12. justagirl

    fancy finding a secret garden and it being just across the street.

    sounds like a very productive way to do things… I belong to an art group and we have those every now and again at one of the members big old homestead in the country. Soooo much fun and you get lots done that way.


  13. Lina

    Sounds like fun times! And i second that: Spencer…ewwwww!!! I am loving that beautiful space with the curtains and light coming in, so pretty!!

  14. Christianne

    oh, that sounds AMAZING. i love it. how fun for the two of you. you are so cute. πŸ™‚

    and congrats on 9 years! what a beautiful accomplishment.

  15. Thea Coughlin

    OMFG that sounds absolutely delightfully yummy!

    My friend and I just started working together on a project and we could so use one of those!

    You make me smile, and continue to be one of my shero’s that I think of often while traversing the fear in my own creative adventures.

    I just love you

  16. pERiWinKle

    What a gorgeous window/view…will sit there the whole day drinking tea!

    Happy that the two of you get to spend time together….and no better way than the way you did it!


    And Sweetie, you don’t have neuroses…you are just normally human…living this extra-ordinary life we are all living! I’m proud of you! xx

  17. kelly

    what a gorgeous image.

  18. She Who Flies

    A day of friendship, sharing etc… while committing to one’s goals… that is just my kind of day.

    Your writing space has me inspired πŸ™‚

    I wish you the best with your Italian workshop. It sounds simply divine!

  19. toniadavenport

    Wow, that sounds like SO, so much fun and so fulfilling.


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