Closing Marigold + True

Oct 10, 2021 | Life in Progress


Dear friends,

Many of you have been following along in my journey of becoming a Shopkeeper when I opened Marigold + True last year. (For those of you interested, you can read more and see photos about tha journey over on Instagram via #kellyraegetsaretailshop).

I went into it with a full heart, tons of possibility, and a big vision. My goal? To create a little shoppe, full to the brim with color and beautifully curated products, much of it from fellow artists and makers. Having recently moved to Sisters, I also wanted to create some roots and community.



With the help of my family, we definitely succeeded in meeting our vision!  It’s been a joy to watch women come into the store and light up with “Oh my goodness, this store!!!!” I’ve met so many lovely people from my community, too, which has been a huge gift.



It’s also been hard. Our lease started *just before Covid hit, and none of us could have imagined its impact on opening a new store (finding consistent staff being a HUGE issue), even all of these months later. This means my vision of opening the store and having amazing staff manage it on a day-to-day basis never actually happened, which means it has required a lot of me.  And I miss my art and my art business dearly. 


I’ve decided to close my little shoppe.


I have learned so much, SO MUCH, as a shopkeeper. I sort of think of the journey of opening Marigold & True as a little scenic detour I took along my path. It was beautiful, and yet I’m ready to get back on the highway of what I know I’m here on Earth to do, which is make art and write words.



We will be celebrating our little shoppe with larger and larger weekly sales each week up until we close our doors.


This week’s sale is 30% off everything. Next week’s will be 40%, and so on until all of our lovely treasures have found new homes.

Please head on over to Marigold + True’s website and treat yourself to a little something or do a little early holiday shopping before things start to disappear!

I can’t thank you enough for supporting my beautiful shoppe. It’s been an experience I won’t ever forget.

Big love, Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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