Tending the fires of my soul + NEW art

Sep 27, 2021 | Life in Progress

(NEW print available here in a variety of sizes)

I can feel a stirring inside me. A beckoning. A gentle command to go inward, to better attune my consciousness so that I can respond to the calls of my heart with deep curiosity. It’s a time to bring the great harvest of summer’s energy to a quite close. To go back into the earth of my own soul. Where rest is required and the light glow of learnings and messages are soft and potent and ready for your attention. Imagine being wrapped inside the embrace of the coziest blanket you can find, sitting by the firelight night after night, listening to life-changing wisdom.

Except the embrace of the coziest blanket you can find is your soul’s embrace, and the life changing wisdom night after night is the compassionate voice of your highest self, whispering to you all the knowings that you can only hear when you silence the noise, and cozy up next to the glowy fireplace.

For those of you who are feeling a stirring inside as well, this new piece and the following blessing is for you.

With the Spirit of Compassion at your side,
may you respond to the beckoning of your soul.
Toward the glow of the fireplace in your heart.
Toward clarity.
Toward Expansion.
And grace.

May you sit with the company and wisdom of the moon that lives inside you, too.
May you allow it to illuminate and soften
the sharp edges of your worry and concerns.

And may the truth of all that you discover,
sitting at the feet of your own wisdom,
reveal the depths of knowings so that you can Trust
what is calling you forward,
what wants to be born under the stars
and in the hearth of your soul.

You are meant for this journey.
Keep tending the fires. 

Sending much love,

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  1. Beth

    Hi Kelly Rae,
    On a day not too long ago I was in Sisters. Awed by the needle arts shop.Came to your shop for the first time and met you. Have been getting your encouraging emails..has taken me to buy a sewing machine to see what I can learn, create a “she room” around it with a daybed and bookcase. Have since picked up cross stitch again to offer support to family member with new cancer diagnosis. Am painting furniture for my she room. Am smack in the middle of a very creative period in my 63 year old life. Thanks for asking for “shares”.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Beth! Thanks for modeling so perfectly what it looks like to follow our whispers with delight and curiosity. Here’s to this next season of creative bliss for you!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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