confession: it’s hard work!

Mar 21, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

 (Studio view: wish birdie on a stick – one of my new items in my home decor line with Creative Co-op)
Confession. Writing is hard. Making art is hard. Content building for e-courses and books is hard. Licensing is hard. Some days are easier than others, but overall, they’re all quite challenging. I love it. Yes, yes I do, but this work has been kicking my arse for appoximately, oh I don’t know, six years? I suppose that’s when you know that you REALLY do love what you do – when  you’re more than willing to face the constant streams of fears and challenges and good ol’ fashioned hard work. I love what I do!
We’re in Session 7 over in the Hello Soul, Hello Business e-course. I can’t tell you how much this course makes me beam. The students, the contributors, the endless skype sessions with Beth as we build content and mentor a few of the students. Teaching this course has had me taking a really deep, soulful look at my own business. I feel like I’ve dissected every ounce of my creative biz these last many months just as we’ve asked our students to do. None of them (including Beth and I) realized the level of emotional/soul work that would be needed to get through the content. We weren’t kidding when we said, “We believe that just as our individual lives become soulful when we infuse purpose and passion into their existence, we believe businesses are also living, breathing things which thrive when infused with purpose and passion,” but it’s some seriously soul stirring work to potentially deconstruct your business and reconstruct it from an entirely different place from which it was initially born. It’s all a really good thing, but still hard work.  I’m crazy proud of our students for taking the journey with us. Like them, my mind and my heart feel like they’ve been inside an amazing stretching/expansion experience.
I’m so glad for it. But now that things are winding down, I can feel myself coming up for air. Air! It feels like I’m breathing inside a new rhythm. New perspective on business. New studio. New assistant. New childcare routine. New artwork. New working hours (Hello, balance. I love you so). New hours for John, too. 
Breath. I’m just crazy grateful for it.

Sending much love,

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