how my world has changed with one simple decision.

Mar 15, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

Studio table got a skirt thanks to mom! 

Holy smokes, what a difference a couple weeks makes. I’m settled here in the new space. It’s amazing, but what I’m finding MOST life changing about this particular move is the simple, yet profound impact that having boundaries in one’s life can have.
Nothing has changed except I’m now leaving my home several times a week and going somewhere else to focus on  my work. That one tiny adjustment has CHANGED MY WORLD.
Working on a little something. 
(in progress)
 Here’s how:
– My home has become what it’s meant to be: a refuge, a place to ignore the computer, a place to simply unwind, relax, and be with my family.
– My work hours have become hyper-focused. For the first time in years (maybe ever?), I am getting stuff done without the distraction of my kitchen, my tv, my phone, laundry, house chores, etc etc. I’m currently working about 32 hrs/week and making major progress. At home, it mostly felt like I was working non-stop, around the clock. My goal/dream would be to work between 24-32 hours/wk max. I’m getting there.
– Because I am now getting out into the world, I’m taking more time to actually get dressed in a cute outfit, put on make-up, etc. This all contributes the feeling of being apart of something wonderful – the world – while feeling a bit put together and less like a scattered mama on the run.
– I have co-workers (sort of!) as my door is open and I can hear the chatter and feel the inspiration of all the indie businesses in the building. I’ve met several of these people and it’s a lovely feeling to be a part of a building community.
– I now have a commute. Traffic? No problem – I actually enjoy it. Time to be quiet or catch up with a friend or listen to the sounds of the city. 
– I can now watch or netflix while painting which is one of my favorite things to do – paint while watching television. I’m currently on season 2 of Gossip Girl (awful, but addicting). 
Thank you, work/life boundaries! So far, so wonderful.

Sending much love,

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