Back in January, I headed to Atlanta to the gift show for several new product line launches. I CANNOT believe it’s taken me this long to finally tell you about it!

I thought I would share a couple of photos of the Demdaco showroom today plus a few shots of my favorite new products that launched in the Demdaco gift line collection. Let me tell you all about it:

dem showroom 2


These are the best photos of the showroom, but you’ll get the idea.  I loved how Demdaco’s showroom designers displayed the product. It was just so cool, and it felt like it’s own little world inside the bigger showroom. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.







We added many new wall canvases to the collection. I think this might be my favorite release of wall canvases yet. These photos show some of them, but we’ve added many more from 6×6 up to 18×24. Feeling really proud of this collection. Although I no longer sell the canvases in my online shop, you can find many of these in stores nationwide, or through online vendors – try an internet search for “Kelly Rae Roberts wall canvases” and several options will pop up. I do know that Flag Fables has many of the new canvases in their online shop – I’ve met the owner of this store and trust their service.



My absolute favorite thing about this particular release are the pop frames. They come in three different colors, all sizes that the canvases come in, and you literally just “pop” any of the wall canvases into the frame. The frame makes the wall canvas, look, I dunno, more “finished” – I just love, love. Many of the canvases are in pop frames in the photos above.



The globes. The are awesome. The large one says “believe” while the the middle one says “discover” and the smallest says “explore.” Love these – got em’ all in my studio!


The above is one of the miniature framed wall canvas ornaments. There are six different designs and I just think they’re darling – either hanging or displayed on a small easel. Super sweet, and fun way to collect art.




More everyday ornaments debuted – crazy affordable and simple way to add artful touch to a gift or home.

friends figure

New figurines! This one reads, “Friends. In the end it’s our friendships that live in the spaces between our biggest life moments. It’s our friendships that hold the divide between life and love, fear and compassion, doubt and courage. And it’s our friendships that crack open our hearts to the light within ourselves.”

soul sister figure

This one is titled “Soul Sisters” and it reads, “Because you see me clearly (and I see you). Because you inspire me to love deeply. Because you celebrate my courage yet nurture my tender heart pieces. Because you are my memories. Because you always know what to say (and when to simply listen). Because you know my heart, and I know yours. Because we are side by side, heart to heart in this life journey. Because I count my lucky stars for you, every single day.”

mama figure

This new figure is called “Mama” and we’ve got one more that is a pregnant girl with “new mama” sentiment.

So, there you have it – a few of my favorite new releases! Again, I no longer sell any of my licensed items in my online shop (just matted prints and cards). I am working with a local boutique that will soon have a fully stocked online Kelly Rae store – they’ll be selling ALL the products from ALL collections (gift, home, stationery, garden) which is super thrilling. When they have that up and running, I’ll let you know! In the meantime, you can find these product either in  your local boutiques or online by doing a quick internet search for “Kelly Rae Roberts figurines” , “Kelly Rae Roberts wall canvases” and so on.

Huge thanks to Demdaco for their continued vision, teamwork, and amazing product development team and sales force. They’re an amazing group – super grateful. If you are a retailer looking to wholesale the gift line, please get in touch with Demdaco and they’ll  hook you up.

I’ll share the new home decor items soon!

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